Brahmaveda revolutionizes the triangular relationship between the corporate world, immunity, and health with its unique, state-of-the-art, world's 1st vending machine, dispersing Ayurvedic drinks in the form of concoctions, decoctions and juices. The machine is equipped with the right blend of ancient remedies and modern technology, helping in improving the immunity of all, to help them sustain the pandemic and come out of it stronger. As we all know, having regular tea and coffee does not provide any health benefits thus, Brahmaveda introduces this new culture of adopting ancient Ayurveda herbs.

Under the leadership and thought of Mr. Chiranjeev Shrivastava, Brahmaveda is been invented to aim to contribute towards the overall health and well-being of the consumers by delivering authentic ancient ayurveda equipped with modern technology and digitalization.

 Being a member of this ever dynamic corporate world, stress tends to become an integral part of our lives. Especially now, when the work trend has changed to Work From Home, stress and anxiety seem to have a stronger grab on all of our lives. Numerous lifestyle disorders fit the structure both now and previously, like blood pressure, diabetes, low immunity, acidity, and many more.

This unique, and one of its kind vending machines is for the corporate employers who acknowledge their health-conscious employees and always are looking for healthy teammates. It is also an interesting addition to the current situations of the pandemic in the face of Coronavirus, and work from home sentiment, reducing stress and improving the immunity of everyone in the family. Brahmaveda’s concept to achieve good immunity, and thus health is based on this machine, which dispenses more than 100 herbs in the form of decoctions and juices. This wide variety of pure Ayurvedic juices like Ashwagandha, Ashwamedha, Giloy ,Triphala, Amla, Gokshur, Neem , Turmeric, Ginger, Cumin etc. , these juices provide loads of benefits to health, to look after lifestyle disorders with the philosophy of ayurveda. 

The team at BrahmaVeda is ecstatic to announce Brabo Robotics, a subsidiary of the TATA group of companies that are looking after the robotics sector. Dr. Amit Bhingurde, CEO Brabo Robotics, strongly believes that it will play a key role in providing people with preventive health measures thus, contributing towards the value in the society by providing a platform to the individuals to keep their health in shape with the benefits of Ayurveda.

The Vending machine is empowered by Artificial Intelligence and enabled by an app, the vending machine is synced to an application that enables one to order a drink through the downloaded app on the mobile, making it extremely convenient for the interested people. The herbs and the vending machine can be installed in the corporate or the (interested) household ,yoga studios , cafes , restaurant , school ,colleges ,airports ,Government and private institutes ,hospitals and ayurveda practitioners ,the people can choose their herbs with the help of an app as per their required health benefit or their interest ,one can pay online as per the selected choice of drinks, thus making it more customer-centric.

 The idea of serving Ayurvedic drinks via a vending machine is a welcome break from the monotonous and unhealthy coffee/tea vending machines, which have been around the corner for ages. Besides adhering to the trending thoughts of “Make in India'' and “Swachh Bharat”, and now "Atma Nirbhar" - this Ayurvedic drink serves to promote a preventive healthy lifestyle, coming up as new into the contemporary Indian workspaces and promises to bring the much-needed break from tea and coffee culture. BrahmaVeda is all set to revolutionize the beverage refreshment space both at the workplace and at home.

The innovation is truly inspired by the vision of our Hon. PM. Narendra Modi , to promote Ayurveda and make people believe in the thought. This Ayurvedic beverage vending machine is a perfect blend of modern technology, equipped with validated ancient herbs which provide the consumers with a plethora of health benefits for a prosperous and healthy life. From the goodness of ashwagandha, Giloy ,Triphala , Shatavari  to the most common household herbs like turmeric , ginger, cumin , lemon ,kokam etc, these juices are meticulously culminated to add all the missing nutritive requirements in the daily diet of the people.

About Founder:

Chiranjeev Srivastava, Founder

Chiranjeev Shrivastava, a qualified Ayurvedic expert and a passionate technocrat from Mumbai, has for the first time in India launched a highly innovative and technologically advanced vending machine that can dispense more than 60 different kinds of herbs in the form of  Ayurvedic juices /decoctions much to the delight and interest of the world at large. The machine is equipped with Artificial Intelligence and helps to dispense Ayurveda herbs on the basis of the consumer's choice. With high digital/online compatibility, different drinks that are circulated by this machine, have got their features listed, such as nutritive value and benefits besides other scientific data connected to the herb and its significance to the human body.

The team at BrahmVeda is ecstatic to announce Brabo Robotics and Automation Limited (100 percent subsidiary of the TATA  Motors Ltd). Dr. Amit Bhingurde, CEO Brabo Robotics and Automation Ltd , strongly believes that it will play a key role in providing people with preventive health measures thus, contributing towards the value in the society by providing a platform to the individuals to keep their health in shape with the benefits of Ayurveda. Brabo Robotics will play a key role in terms of further development and the manufacturing of the product, with the mission to create a healthy society by providing preventive wellness to the mankind.


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