Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new normal in every industry these days and every market niche is fast adopting it. Whether it is healthcare or retail, fashion, manufacturing or even banking, all are ready to use AI to innovate new ways of business all along making their customers experience memorable.

Going forward, AI is becoming the new necessary technology to survive in the market. From supporting smart infrastructure to helping to be more efficient with our natural resources and smart agriculture to feed a growing population, the need of every business of all industries to make services user friendly has created a positive environment for AI startups. Chat robots, conversational robots, smart cars, video games, Siri, Google Now etc. all are few examples of AI technology. AI has also started to touch the new segments like HR and recruitment and seen increased investor  and tech giants interest who has been coming ahead to support startups in this area for fueling the growth of overall industry.  

Let’s take a look of ‘Top Artificial Intelligence Start-ups’ in India.
  1.  AIndra Systems ( )

Aindra Systems is a leading Artificial Intelligence technology based startup which is well known for developing an affordable device that help in detection and screening of cervical cancer. Founded in 2012, Aindra Systems headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. Its patent-pending Face-Recognition (FR) technology is powering a Smartphone based product, which is helping in improving and enhancing the productivity of different programmes used in service segment. 

This startup is a brainchild of Adarsh Natarajan, an IIM Bangalore graduate who is committed to deliver various technology solutions to improve productivity and governance of different services in remote locations.  The tech products developed by this platform work with laptops, desktops with webcam, smart phones, tablets, etc. to validate the users identity for receiving any service on the basis of ID cards issued by the Government. The startup helps to identifying people through their biological specimens, demographics, objects and gestures etc. The startup has secured an undisclosed amount of funding in 2014 from Villgro, a social enterprise incubator focused on funding startups having a social impact.
  1. ( is simplifying the process of building “AI” technology! It develops tools to make the complex process of building of new Intelligent Systems simple. The startup was founded in 2013 with an aim to create new ‘intelligent’ technology that can solve complex problems easily and at a much faster speed.

The idea behind this startup was of Vinay Kumar Sankarapu and Deekshith Marla who are IIT Bombay researchers and enthusiastic to make intelligent machines that can help human beings in making fast decisions at professional end. The tools provided by helps other AI technology developers to build their own AI systems. This startup secured US$750,000 funding amount in pre-series A round from YourNest Angel fund and VentureNursery, an angels backed accelerator. 

  1. Brainasoft ( )

Brainasoft founded in 2010 is the next name in our list of startups that are into this trendy tussle! The startup is developing AI solutions like machine learning, language processing and human-computer interface. Akash Shastri, Founder, Brainasoft has started this company alone and worked single-handedly till 2015. The TechRadar has selected its flagship software ‘Braina Virtual Assistant’ as one of the Top 10 Best Software 2015.  Braina can do speech to text dictation in third party software and can play songs and videos online from local stores.

The startup is currently developing next generation technology software like Graphical Command Line Interface (GCLI), Human Language Interface (HLI), and Human Language Programming (HLP) etc. to make different operations quick and easy. Its ‘Inforobo’ product allows users to develop their own AI virtual assistant easily.  
  1. ( ) is committed to cater the needs of bot makers. It is a B2B platform where small enterprises can build their own conversational services to set out them on available channels including facebook, twitter, SMS, live-chat, in-app chat etc. to stay connected with the customers through personal engagement. Businesses can send messages to give their customers personalized experiences and transform them into business lead.  The startup company was co-founded by Pratik Jain and three others in 2016 in Gurgaon this year only. 

  1. Mad Street Den ( )

Next name in the list is Mad Street Den! Founded by Anand Chandrasekaran and Ashwani Asokan in early 2014, this startup is registered in the U.S. but mainly based in Chennai. It was working to develop technologies that can add convenience in e-commerce business and aims to revolutionizing the industry by providing personalized shopping experiences to the customers. Its retail vertical is helping in increasing businesses of online retailers around the world. It identifies customers’ preferences of colours, style, pattern and texture etc. and drives product discovery accordingly. It helps online retailers to add in conversions whereas for customers point, it helps in product discovery. The startup has raised its Series-A funding from Sequoia India and other existing investors together with growX Ventures and Exfinity Ventures. 

  1. ( ) is providing new generation online shopping experience. It was founded by four friends who are IIT-Kharagpur alumni in April 2015! The founding team that includes Keshav Prawasi, Jaiswal, Nitin Babel and Shishir Modi started working on this idea in Udaipur and soon moved to Bangalore. app help in different tasks including cab bookings, mobile recharge and lots other in a simple way. It helps users to complete online purchase easily through an AI-powered bot which is a chat interface. With this chat interface, retailers need not to use multiple apps for making end-to-end bookings possible. It also recommends personalized services to the users that suit them best. Users can discover, choose, and make payment to complete their order through this chat interface only. is backed by Ratan Tata and aims to be a one stop destination for all online purchasing. 

  1. SigTuple ( )

SigTuple is another AI startup which is focusing primarily in healthcare segment and helping doctors by mechanizing disease diagnosis and screening for better solution. The company was started by Apurv Anand, Tathagato Rai Dastidar and Rohit Kumar Pandey in 2015.

Based in Bengaluru, SigTuple built an algorithm that can be applied in medical data through a cloud based intelligent platform which is low cost and trustworthy too.  This system helps in improving the accuracy of diagnosis with standardized methods. This startup has received seed investment from a group of prominent investors including Venture Capital firm Accel Partners, Flipkart founders Sachin & Binny Bansal,  and other angel investors.
  1. Skedool ( )

My Ally which is formerly known as is currently working in the area of scheduling. The startup was founded in 2015 by Naveen Verma and Deepti Yenireddy with an aim to make major changes in virtual assistant and scheduling. Skedool is a unify tool of AI and human intelligence that can help in handling everyday B2B tasks of different departments including sales and recruitments.  It can be integrated easily with all leading CRM, recruitments’ and marketing tools.  The startup has also raised undisclosed funding amount in 1st round from four investors. 

  1. vPhrase ( )

Mumbai-based vPhrase Analytics gets an undisclosed seed funding from Venture Catalysts in March 2016. “Phrazor” is vPhrase patented platform that drives insights and afterward communicates those insights. It helps in developing internal reports easily to examine employees’ performance. It also find out important points that need attention for improvements. Enterprises need to spend less time and efforts to make their performance better. It has raised seed funding from angel investors Apoorv Ranjan, and Daud Ali from Venture Catalysts.

  1. Staqu Technologies ( )

Staqu Technologies is providing intelligent systems like image understanding, biometrics, visual automation systems, data driven analytics for different industries since 2015. It is headquarters in Delhi and working with AI technology experts and researchers together to develop smart next generation state-of-the-art solutions. Its flagship product the ‘VGrep Suite’ features automated attribute generation, similar products recommendations, visual search, fashion trend analysis etc to solve and cater the needs of online businesses and the consumers alike.

Artifacia (

Artifacia introduced by Snapshor after spending two years in the market is another name among Indian startups that are experimenting in AI space and gaining attention worldwide. Artifacia is a visual discovery platform that works for online retailers and brands. It helps them to inspire their customers with relevant products at the product finding time. The company has built advanced visual search and image recognition tools which are powered by state-of-the-art AI technology. In January 2016, this startup secured an undisclosed amount in angel funding successfully led by former Flipkart CTO Amod Malviya. 

In order to make big in AI, Fluid AI ( ) and many others are also bringing a wide range of new AI tools for small businesses’ benefits. Fluid AI is known for providing AI analytical tools for corporate, banks and other industries globally for solving complex problems smartly! Two brothers Raghav Aggarwal (IIM Ahmedabad dropped out) and Abhinav Aggarwal (ISB dropped out) started this company in 2013. Headquarters in Mumbai, this startup is providing other enterprises with better data analytics. 

We hope you are feeling inspired with the list! Definitely AI is a new trending opportunity to make big with a unique idea and working around it. If you know any other company from the same segment, please mention about it in the comments. 


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