As the pandemic shook the world with COVID-19, the number of cases is rising. This epidemic is overwhelming hospital infrastructure and we might further face a tremendous shortage of infrastructure throughout the country. The goal is to respond faster and lower the risk of infection. Hence, we need an infrastructural solution which is not only effective but can be manufactured and deployed quickly and has the potential of scaling up.

According to experts, to deal with an epidemic like this requires a certain infrastructure. That is why, understanding the growing demand of hospitals across India and the need to innovate, the government recently adopted the approach to convert train coaches into isolation wards and therefore supplement the infrastructure.

A Delhi based architecture start-up AGX has designed an emergency unit KAKSH that acts as a Quarantine Hospital/ Testing Lab/ Shelter to reduce the radius of the spread. It can be installed in 2 hours on-site and requires no foundation. It can accommodate one to two patients per unit. A component system is developed to increase and decrease the size of the emergency unit as per need (initially, the unit is 8m x 4m or 32 with height at 3.6 meters).

The effectiveness of the design is at less cost ($2000 to $2500 app. excluding the cost of furniture and solar), less skill-set required, minimum site operations, easily available materials, efficient logistics and minimum installation time. The major advantage of using this idea would be to install units as per need rather than making a whole infrastructure altogether. These structures have a life expectancy of 8-10 years and could be dismantled under an hour leaving no footprint at the site. This can be implemented in the parks in containment zones.

China was able to build a 1000 bedded hospital in less than two weeks with the help of offsite manufacturing. Vietnam built a prefabricated 1000 bedded hospital on an isolated location within a month. Italy is deploying intensive care pods for the patients using a container box. The whole world is trying to innovate solutions to handle and defeat this pandemic.

About AGX: AGX Architects is a Delhi based architectural firm founded by Atul Garg in 2019. It focuses on enhancing the human experience through design and create a physical world by providing better solutions through innovative thinking, design knowledge, critical understanding and collaborative approach. Atul has worked in Disaster Management as an Architect where he was involved in designing and proto-typing shelters and schools around India.


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