With ever-growing cases of COVID-19, one fact stands clear. This crisis is not phasing out anytime soon. Governments are trying hard to stabilize the economy, while businesses are trying to stay afloat. But for those who can't operate on the WFH (work-from-home) model, stopping the spread is important now, more than ever.

Many startups & enterprises are trying to do their bit in this battle against the crisis. Syook, for example, has launched a login-free "Social Distancing" App. Using only Bluetooth-based tracing, this app from Syook is a probable answer to the privacy concerns around current social distancing apps.

In the words of Syook CEO, Arjun Nagarajan, "This app uses our proprietary Real Time Location Systems Platform (RTLS) to help organizations encourage social distancing at the workplace. This way, everyone can keep social distancing in check - both at the individual and organizational level."

Syook needs little introduction when it comes to indoor location services. With several Fortune 500 clients, including Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Fiat, etc., in its portfolio, it has the scale & the technical know-how to engineer controls that limit the spread of coronavirus at workplaces - or in general, any place with high footfall.

According to a Markets and Markets research survey, reported by Digital Journal, the Indoor Location market is expected to grow by about 26 % CAGR. The growth is expected to be driven by digital transformation initiatives of all large organizations in the manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and the natural resources sector.

Indoor location solutions, according to the report, have multiple applications - businesses can manage operations effectively, save costs on people and processes, and track missing equipment - which are quite tedious to do manually. Syook was the only company of Indian-origin to be listed in this global report.

Syook had quite the uneventful start. None of the Co-founders knew how to code. So Arjun Nagarajan, CEO, and Aman Agarwal, CTO, learnt coding 10 years after graduation from IIT. While Saurabh, COO, focused on getting their first enterprise client, Unilever, Arjun & Aman built the MVP.

Soon enough, they onboarded Unilever as their first client - which they delivered successfully; and many more came soon after. More recently, in early 2019, the Company received an undisclosed investment from Inflection Point Ventures.

Today, Syook's location solutions help organizations like Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser & Fiat track their assets, people, visitors - all in one place. Combined with Syook's proprietary IoT based platform, decision makers gain actionable insights to supercharge their productivity.

Being a market leader in real-time logistics solutions (RTLS), and creating real-time people & asset solutions for years now, Syook found it to be a responsibility that their technical expertise was deployed in helping slow the spread. Probably, we need many more such organizations to come forth and take the charge in this fight.

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