USA Table Tennis (“USATT”), the National Governing Body for the sport of table tennis, has partnered with Stupa Sports Analytics (Stupa), an Indian Sports Tech start-up, to assist the USA National team, including players and coaches, with an in-depth match and practice analysis, which will help each player identify trends and patterns of his/her game as well as of his/her own opponents. Stupa’s first-of-its-kind analytics product will help prioritize improvement areas and provide technical, physical & tactical feedback for each identified player to USATT enabling them to build a customized training program.

Speaking on the occasion, Virginia Sung, CEO, USATT, said, “We see great value and potential in bringing analytics tool for the benefit of our national team. Stupa’s tool is very effective and provides data-driven insights to the players & coaches. Their upcoming Artificial intelligence model will certainly bring a change the way Table Tennis is coached, played and viewed"

“USATT has a refreshing perspective and their foresight in trying to bring a transformative change through technology is commendable. We are honoured to work closely with them,” said, Megha Gambhir, Co-founder & CEO, Stupa Sports Analytics. “Table tennis is a high-speed game, involving intense spin and rapid exchange of balls, therefore its complex to analyze. Our revolutionary product, a first of its kind in the world of Table Tennis captures data from matches & training, extrapolates it, to provide analysis and inferences in an interactive manner. By deploying next-gen technology, Artificial Intelligence, we are targeting to provide real-time data and statistical analysis to players/ coaches providing them with a new window to delve deeper into their game."

Former National Coach of Indian Team, Co-founder and COO of Stupa Sports Analytics, Deepak Malik, who has been deeply involved in grass root level coaching with Pinnacle Table Tennis Academy, said, “I am delighted with where we have reached even though there is still a long way to go. We have experienced the power of this product practically as we saw a transformative change in the game of some leading Indian players who used it. A lot of games like Cricket, Tennis have products which provide deeper insights, but Table Tennis still relied on the manual method. That is about to change."

About Stupa Sports Analytics

Founded by Megha Gambhir, a seasoned management professional, and Deepak Malik, former coach of Indian National Table Tennis team, Stupa, is a year old Startup and has done pioneering work in the area of analytics for Table Tennis. The core procedure involves capturing the data, to its minutest level, from matches or training, further processing and mining with relevant statistical and analytical information to provide interactive analysis backed up by sliced video clippings. All this feedback and analysis is accessible by the coaches and player on a mobile application. Further, Stupa is soon launching real-time match and practice analysis, ball trajectory identification, speed tracking and derivations of heat maps.

The company also plans to add solution-based online programs like “Fit Tech” for sports specific fitness, physiotherapy and injury prevention, online sports education, coaching and so forth. The goal is to have technology used by all level of players across the globe.

This Performance Enhancement product from Stupa harnesses the power of data analytics to analyze an athlete’s technical performance, derive trends and patterns from historic data and provide detailed analysis of the game, identifying hidden anomalies, tactical insights and also help in understanding the opponent’s strategies. Many World Ranked users like Kanak Jha, USA (Men’s WR 26), Adriana Diaz, Puerto Rico (Women’s WR 19), Lily Zhang, USA (Women’s WR 27), Manav Thakkar, India (Youth, WR 1) are using the analytics and reaping the benefits.

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