While the world is dealing with the pandemic and adapting to the new-normal, Indian employees are also coming to term with words like ‘lay-offs’ and ‘furloughs’. The current scenario has compelled businesses to realign, re-invent, and reflect and in this process, many organizations have had to lay-off some of their employees. We, at Naukri, firmly believe that a layoff in these circumstances is not the individual’s fault, as it does not reflect one’s performance, capability and potential. Keeping this spirit in mind, Naukri.com, India’s leading job search site, announced the launch of Naukri FastForward Transition services. These services are designed to support the employers in outplacement of the laid-off employees and helping them in every aspect. The Naukri FastForward Transition services include 10 unique services to help employees emotionally, mentally, and professionally.

Commenting on the launch of the services, Vivek Jain, Chief Business Officer, Naukri FastForward said, “During these tough times, companies have been compelled to ask their employees to go. With this launch, we stand in solidarity with them and the HR fraternity and want to support them in outplacement of their laid-off employees in every way. We believe that these services will help boost laid-off employees’ morale and prepare them for job search in a tough job market.”

As per the recent Naukri survey conducted with over 1600 HR heads and recruiters, 60% of them have shown an interest in exploring outplacement services for their laid-off employees. This clearly shows that the organizations have been forced to make a tough choice of lay-offs in these testing times but want to help the impacted employees in every way possible. The Naukri FastForward Transition services include the following broad pillars:  

  1. Motivational Speaker workshops:  Expert life coaches will bring perspective to the situation and set a sensitive and positive tone, reducing negativity amongst jobseekers through these workshops.

  2. Job Search counselling: Specialized 1 on 1 counsellor groups to address emotional concerns along with domain expert counselling sessions to chart out the career trajectory of impacted jobseekers.

  3. Job Assistance Services: 

    1. Services such as resume writing, interview preparation, and resume display will help jobseekers maximize their chances of getting a job soon.

    2. One-to-one interview mock sessions with domain experts will help prepare the jobseekers to give their best in upcoming interviews. 

    3. Improved resume visibility features on the platform, real-time job alerts, and direct reach-out to recruiters will further improve job search possibilities.

The Naukri FastForward Careers Transition service has three unique packages namely Support/Operations Package, Tech/Management Package, and Top Tier Packages. The organizations can opt for any of these packages based on their current requirement. 

About Naukri.com

Naukri.com, India’s No. 1 job site and the flagship brand of Info Edge introduced the concept of e-recruitment in India. Since its inception in 1997, Naukri.com has seen continuous growth while outperforming its competitors in every sphere. Info Edge was the first internet company to be listed in India. The site enjoys a traffic share of over 70% as per similar web. Naukri.com is a recruitment platform that provides hiring-related services to corporates/recruiters, placement agencies and job seekers in India and overseas. It offers multiple products like Resume Database Access, listings and Response Management Tools. With more than 5,25,000 jobs live at any point and over 60 million CVs, Naukri.com serviced over 76,000 corporate clients. The company operates 56 offices in 42 cities in India and overseas offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

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