Women are of vital importance to rural economies and the agriculture sector. They are important for ensuring food security and preserving the local agro biodiversity. While the men mostly venture out of the villages in search of livelihood, the womenfolk are relegated into working in the fields from dawn to dusk, in addition to her traditional role of caregiver in the family. In spite of their vital contribution to the economy, these women are mostly invisible and unheard. Be it due to gender inequality or patriarchal society norms, they face a lot of discriminations.

With this though, FLO, led by President Harjinder Kaur Talwar, initiated the focus on this important sector of Indian economy and this report is a humble attempt in bringing out this set of analysis and recommendations on Women Participation in Indian Agriculture, with the objective of bringing women in this sector to the forefront.

Policy Recommendations by FLO are as follows :

  • Creating a proper database of women in agriculture sector

  • Improving Female Landholding Patterns

  • Putting an End to Forcible Land Relinquishment (Haq-Daan) by Women

  • Improving the land leasing framework

  • Women only benefits

  • Enabling “Scientific & Climate Resilient” Smart Women Farmers

  • Support the formation of Female Farmer Producer organisations (FPOs)

  • Implementation of SHG Model on National level

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