Tip #1: Establish your credibility through statistics and past successes

Basically, case studies.  Start to track all of that and keep tabs on it,  because that data is going to be really powerful  during your sales process.  When's somebody's looking for a consultant,  they want to understand the value behind that, right?  So that the value is far exceeding what you're going to charge.  And what can prove that is the data,  and if you have the data and the statistics  to support that your consultant fee  is going to generate this type of return on investment,  that's going to get people excited.  

Tip #2: Show how you can bring a fresh perspective to your client's business

A great way to do that is through content that’s on social media or other channels like podcasts, YouTube, et cetera.  What you want to do here is you want to provide free information,  so that people see that you are a thought leader,  and somebody that's very knowledgeable in the space.  You have knowledge, really, and as a consultant, that's what people are buying, they’re buying your knowledge.  You know how to solve the riddle that they're trying to solve, right?  You know how to fix their problems.  These are things that they can't do on their own, so their going to hire you to help to do that.  Well, the best way you can show  that you have that knowledge, that missing gap,  is through creating content, creating videos,  creating podcasts that are basically  generating a continual flow of this content  that shows that you are a thought leader in the space,  and you can have small call-to-actions  integrated here and there,  how, hey, you know what, if you want to dive in deeper,  contact me this way or that way,  so that they start to generate leads for you,  and they want to pay you to dive in deeper  to investigate their business  and how you can make it better.  

Tip #3: Set up some e-mail automation 

As a consultant that basically has a seven-part series,  or a continual drip campaign  that continually sends information out to your prospects.  Here's the thing, a lot of prospects initially want to try to solve the problem themselves, right?  They're going to search for the problem,  whether it's on Google Search,  or they're going to see something on social media  that makes them think, like, "Holy cow, here's some tips  "on how I can improve upon X, Y, Z problem."  So, if you're creating a content journey for them, this is a great way to get them in the door and to nurture them.  Seven tips on how you can make X, Y, Z better would be a good call to action, right?  And they would then subscribe, and opt-in,  to start receiving those tips,  maybe every week they get an e-mail, with a video,  or a short tip on how they can improve  upon those things that they're trying to solve.  If you create this content  and then work on building your subscriber list,  through social media, through e-mail subscribe  call-to-actions on your website, et cetera,  eventually you'll have a really large list  of people that are following you, receiving your content.  Well, in the content, you want call-to-actions  where they can always reach out to you for a consultation,  maybe a free consultation initially,  and that'll give you an opportunity to give them some advice  that's specific to them,  which will then lead to a potential sale.  So here's an idea on how you can get started, hopefully you take and run with it.  

Tip #4: Think of your FAQs

And what I mean by that are, what are the frequently asked questions  that people ask you during the consultant process?  What are the questions that they have  that make them think  that they need to reach out to a consultant, potentially?  Write those down, right?  Figure out what those questions are.  This is a great way to have a whole list of content  that you can create.  You should have an FAQ on your website, but you should also have, really, think about doing a video, or an e-mail,  for each of those frequently asked questions.  This is the type of content you want to put out there, but also it's a great resource, if you have an FAQ on your web site to direct people to.  This is really powerful to have  because people have these questions that they start with  before they ever reach out to you,  so if you can create content that answers those questions,  and get those out in the world,  that's going to lead more people to you,  and you're going to be more successful.  

Tip #5: Think about what makes you different

What's your unique value proposition?  What makes you the best consultant for the job?  What makes you stand out  amongst other consultants in your industry, right?  What makes you different?  Nail that down, right?  That's so key, so that you stand out in the crowd.  Make sure that's clear on your web site,  on your social media profiles,  maybe within all the content that your creating,  you touch on that real quick at the beginning or the end,  that one piece could be really powerful  in getting the business versus somebody else.  

Tip #6: Make sure that you have a professional website 

That really tells your story and makes you different, stands out in the crowd,  and really is professional  compared to the other consultants.  Yours is the best, right?  Here's the deal, a lot of people are going to end up on your web site at some point before they call you,  or fill out a consultant lead form to reach out to you.  Whether they see you initially on social media, shopify stores or they hear about you from a friend, or something like that, they’re going to go to your web site at some point,  so this is a really important piece to have right.  Make sure your website makes it clear, what you do, the value, your value proposition, your FAQs, maybe there's a great video on there  that tells the story, case study statistics,  this is your destination place.  If that's really good, and make sure it looks really good on the phone, on mobile, you’re going to get more leads, more calls, and more business,  so definitely invest in a professional website.  

Tip #7: Leverage social media

Just like tip six, how you have to have  a professional presence on your website,  because that's something people are going to check  before they reach out to you,  it's the same thing on social media,  they're going to also check your social media profiles.  They're going to look at it, and what they're going to want to see is,  is it professional?  Does it look nice?  Do you have followers or people engaging with your content?  Do you even have content?  Is your last post from six months ago?  Because that's not good.  You're going to want to make sure you have a continual flow of content.  What is that content?  It's everything we've talked about.  It's showing that you're a leader in the space.  You have valuable content, this is how you solve this problem, this is a case study on this project, right?  Here's an FAQ question that's being answered, it’s good stuff.  If that looks good, this is going to check a box for them, and they're going to reach out to you.  

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