Freelancers across different geographies are empowered to acquire work, set their own wages, and bill their clients directly. Women’s participation in the freelance industry has been slowly gaining momentum over the last few years.

Female freelancers earn on average 84% that of men, across all disciplines. The latest Freelancer Income report also stated that women earn more than men in fields like marketing and web design.

Interestingly, Payoneer's Freelancer Income Report also highligths the fact that 1 in 5 Indian women are freelancers. Cross-border payments have resulted in the removal of business complexities - the cost and burden that earlier made global expansion unattainable for most businesses.

In fact, Government schemes like Startup India, Skill India and Digital India have encouraged individuals to start their own businesses and work as freelancers. This has further offered local entrepreneurs in the world to access global marketplaces.

As per latest World Bank data, women make up 39% of the global freelance workforce, offering a huge untapped opportunity for more women to join the freelance revolution. Those who work exclusively as freelancers earn a higher hourly rate and are more satisfied with their lifestyle compared to those who split their time working for a company.

Interestingly, women also lead the short list of business-savvy winners of Payoneer’s Entrepreneurship Awards, who are specifically using their work to make a meaningful impact on the world, from connecting remote developers to global job opportunities, to creating environmentally-conscious childcare products

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