Likee the pioneering global short video creation platform from Singapore based BIGO Technology has launched a new and exciting feature called Foresee under FaceMagic function. Using same creators will get a glimpse of what the year 2020 will bring them. So far more than 2.5 lakh videos have been generated with the hashtag #Forecast2020 and the number is growing with each passing day.

As part of FaceMagic which is popular one-tap tool that allows users to morph celebrity face in the famous dance/movie scene into their own face Foresee feature works with a users front-facing photo to create a video with a visual representation of his/her future. The feature captures the facial image of the user to morph it in the pre-designed clips corresponding with the future prediction. FaceMagic tool is simple-to-use function that leverages advanced AI technology and offers a wide range of features to users to enhance their creative abilities.

Many Likeers are using this newly added feature for entertainment purpose and are sharing their predictions with friends over Whatsapp Facebook and other social platforms as well. To participate in this unique campaign one can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Select FaceMagic

  2. Tap on Foresee your 2020

  3. Upload a clear front-facing picture

  4. Tap create video

Likee #Forecast2020 was launched on January 1 and has earned a fan base of more than 15000 users so far. The campaign is a confluence of fun entertainment and innovation and is a glimpse of Likees upcoming exciting campaigns in the year 2020.

Likee is available in different Indian languages like Hindi Tamil Marathi Telugu Gujarati Bengali Kannada Malayalam and Punjabi. In 2019 Likee had also won the Guinness World Record for creating the Largest online video album of people waving a flag in India during its No matter where I am #IAMINDIAN campaign. The campaign saw more than 1 lac Indians participating in celebrating Indias 73rd Independence Day.In the recent App Annie year-end report on app trends for 2019 Likee has emerged as No 1 in the breakout category and is also the 7thmost downloaded app in 2019.

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