Adding a new leaf to the sharing economy, a Pune based startup, Renacle Cycling Private Limited has launched India’s first private cycle sharing option under the brand ‘CYMOUR’.

In recent times, many countries have encountered an explosion in public bike sharing model. Out of their love for cycling, the founders of CYMOUR has reimagined CYCLE’s position and its utility. “It is a delight to see our consumers defying traffic, addressing pollution and inspiring others as they ride for sustainability and health. We, at CYMOUR, believe that Cycling will no longer be believed to be a poor man’s vehicle.”- Rahul Arya, CEO of Renacle Cycling Private Limited.

CYMOUR serves and manages over 60 gated premises and has deployed around 300 cycles. These premises are interconnected on CYMOUR platform with easy pick and drop service at CYMOUR PODs, which are usually of one car parking size. These CYMOUR Pods are placed inside the premise and are exclusively made available for the consumers residing in them.

CYMOUR has seen over 40,000+ rides with 5,000+ active riders and 20,000+ downloads on 300 cycles in 15 months only. With huge consumer demands to deploy more cycles at more locations in Pune, CYMOUR plans to create a dense network of pods in Pune with 10,000 cycles, serving 2,000 curated locations and extend that further to top 50 cities of India in coming years.

[caption id="attachment_138727" align="aligncenter" width="691"] Aniket Mahashabde & Rahul Arya[/caption]

CYMOUR brings a unique proposition of providing premium cycles and electric cycles at user’s doorstep through subscription-based model. City can now spot cyclists, cycling for fun, fitness and commute and not worry about maintenance and service part. CYMOUR’s urban rider can choose cycles of their choice from single gear, multiple gear and electric cycles deployed in their own township and ride to his workplace, gym, or even participate in races. The subscription deal is easy on pockets, motivating consumers to ride and experience branded quality cycles which they can passionately flaunt about.


CYMOUR is a brand, introduced by Renacle Cycling Private Limited, headquartered in Pune. The brand is known in cycling circles since 2011 and began its humble journey from being a cycling tours and events company. It has seen several evolutions over the years from planning 500+ cycling tours to retailing 2,000+ premium cycles and over 1,500+ doorstep cycle servicing. CYMOUR provides unparalleled quality cycling experience with easy its pick and drop, and maintenance services.

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