Delhi-based tech startup, HappyShappy today joined the movement of educating young demographic about feminine hygiene. Taking a creative route, the startup today released a video of a social experiment that spotlights the need for more conversations about menstruation, a subject many people are still unaware about. It has also joined hands with four women-led, Indian homegrown brands to put sanitary products front and center.  

Looking from one side of the coin, India has been seeing a fascinating dream of women's advancement, while the other side shows a disheartening picture of today's male youth living in unenlightenment.

Despite the many advancements in feminine hygiene, menstruation is still considered a taboo topic, and people often feel awkward at the prospect of discussing the subject. More often than not, this leads to women usually being deprived of access to safe menstruation practices, thereby compromising their overall health. It is the fundamental right of women to manage menstruation hygienically and also in a dignified manner. So it becomes essential that they have access to the right products that make periods comfortable and stress-free.

Keeping this in mind, HappyShappy today released a thought-provoking video – "Indian Men Meet the Menstrual Cup." Launched with a social experiment, it takes a light-hearted approach to introduce menstrual cups among men and makes a compelling statement on societal insights.

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"Kya hai ye?" "Kaha se aya hai" 😒HappyShappy’s men met the menstrual cup and suffice it to say, their reactions were hilariously 'pain'-ful. Take a look! Find sustainable, home grown Indian brands revolutionising feminine hygiene products on the HappyShappy App! The menstrual cup is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable feminine hygiene products and has completely changed the way women manage their periods. To know more, check out - Raise awarness about the menstrual cup. Go ahead, like, comment, and share this video among your friends! . . . @scoopwhoop @scoopwhoopoktested @idivaofficial @idivahindi @popxodaily @plixxo @womanistan @girliyapa @ohmyperiod @feminaindia @menstrupedia #happyshappy #menstrualcup #menstruation #periods #menstrualcycle #period #zerowaste #bollywood #womenshealth #fixyourperiods #femininehygiene #ecofriendly #menstrualhealth #vaginalhealth #socialexperiment #femininecare #periodproblems #detoxyourperiod #funnypranks #indian #indianmen #funnyindian #memes #desimemes #desimeme #indianmemes #indianmeme #memesindia #hindifunny #hindijokes

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   Within an hour of its release, the three-minute video garnered over 11,000 views on Instagram. "It is high time men joined the conversation on menstruation. There is nothing taboo or unnatural about it, and we should discuss it openly, and share our knowledge with others who can benefit from it.”  says Sana Hoda Sood, Co-founder & Creative Head of HappyShappy as well as the brains behind the initiative.

What is a menstrual cup:- 

Menstrual cups are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to tampons. It's a flexible product designed for use inside the vagina during periods to collect menstrual blood. The cup collects the menstrual flow rather than absorbing it as tampons or pads do. To know more, visit

HappyShappy observes a robust female community; 85% of its 600,000 users are Indian women from all walks of life. With this new initiative, the startup aims to dissociate the apprehensiveness associated with feminine hygiene and embrace the subject for what it truly is – a natural bodily function. Sana adds, "HappyShappy wants to drive thoughtful consideration of how tabooed topics can be transformed into open discussions by using humor as a tool. Through this video we aim to redefine and rethink the common phrases used in society that suggest menstruation is an embarrassing topic."

Taking a step further, HappyShappy has joined hands with Laiqa, AzahCare, Floh, and ElaCup, each of which is a women-led homegrown brand. Together they're supporting a diverse range of superior sanitary products – napkins, cups, panty liners, tampons, and more - that are shaking up the industry for the better. What sets these products apart is the use of the highest quality fabric, absorbent materials, and protection from rash, allergies, and irritation. With a lesser plastic-offering, these items pave the way for an eco-friendly path. Users are encouraged to find sustainable, homegrown Indian brands revolutionizing feminine hygiene products on the app.

Finally, HappyShappy is inviting women and men everywhere to raise awareness. Share, tweet, post, or message the above video to show how women can make a change - that feminine hygiene is no longer a taboo topic.


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