Lavina Sequera, Founding Member Soil of India is among 26 outstanding women leaders from 11 countries has been selected as Asia’san annual listing of exceptional female sustainability leaders in the region. They were chosen out of 126 nominations from 20 countries across Asia of which 4 women leaders are from India alone – the Companies recognised are Tata Steel, Tata Power, Godrej and Soil of India.

Soil of India is a destination site - for the well-being of humanity.

The 2019 List was announced by Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) CEO Tim Mohin, and ÁsthildurHjaltadóttir, GRI's Chief of Network Engagement and Regional Implementation Officer, at the recent Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit in Singapore.

A Sustainability Superwoman is one who leads change through sustainability strategies and initiatives within her organisation as well as outside. An international jury reviews and assesses the nominations to identify the winners.

Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen is a non-profit project initiated by CSRWorks International, Singapore’s most trusted name in sustainability consulting, training and thought leadership. The project’s purpose is to recognise and honour the contribution of exceptional women leaders who are driving change to make the world a better place.

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Speaking about the award, Lavina Sequera said, “It is an honour to be recognized for our work at Soil of India, that supports artisans at risk, the well-being of our planet and its people. I am particularly proud to share that with over 20 million artisans in India, Soil of India in the last 7 years has laid the foundation to create ‘The World’s Largest Sustainable Lifestyle Store, both online and offline’.

A Social Enterprise, SOIL is committed to supporting the cause of inclusive growth (among over 20 million artisans across India) and all natural, ecological lifestyle merchandise, for valuable and conscientious customers of the world.

Initiated in 2012, this B - C project took over 5 years to curate, travelling into the gut of India to identify and build a robust supply chain of Artisans and their amazing handmade merchandise, and was officially launched on 15th August, 2018.

Unlike any other, SOIL is reviving the lost glory of India’s vast heritage and culture by contemporizing its unique, pure and natural creations that till this day remain universally aligned, and unknowingly support the cause of the crisis of climate change and the wrought of mechanization.

Unexplored thus far, no one has fathomed the intrinsic depth and magnitude of the mosaic of India’s natural merchandise that can transform lives and lifestyles for the better, across the world. In fact, given this magnitude of India’s awesome merchandise, SOIL has laid the foundation to create ‘The World’s Largest Sustainable Lifestyle Store.

In its POC stage yet, we are seeking a Global alliance through investment in this ‘Green Project’ that will help scale both, an expanded community of Artisans, and an ever growing Customer base across the world - towards the well-being of artisan families living on the edge, peoples, and our beloved planet.

Our philosophy is anchored to the triple bottom line of – People, Planet and Profit.

“The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force of our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity”. Capt. Jean Luc Piccard.

CSRWorks International is a GRI Certified Training Provider, GRI Data Partner and a GRI Gold Community Member. CSRWorks is also IIRC’s Foundation Training Partner for approved Training in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka and the Middle East. As EcoVadis’ CSR Expert Partner for Southeast Asia, CSRWorks provides training and advisory to suppliers participating in the EcoVadis CSR Assessment.

~ Business Wire India

[Top Image by Harry cao on Unsplash]

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