Olymp Trade, the worldwide online broker has introduced a series of Forex trading improvements to their already extremely popular trading platform. With over 25,000 clients trading daily and nearly 250,000 a month, the innovative broker is all set attract more traders by introducing a simpler and a better way to trade through Forex trading platform.

The Olymp Trade Forex platform is extremely user-friendly where a client can set up an account and start trading on the go. The brand known for its low fees and commissions, also offers free educational and training services to their clients.

Olymp Trade believes that its customer-centered approach, which focuses on helping investors become successful traders, will be extremely appealing to Forex traders of all investment levels.

A spokesperson from the company stated, “Olymp Trade has made a commitment to its Indian customers for a long time. We continue to focus our energies on not only attracting clients with small amounts to invest, but sharing the responsibility in making our clients great traders. We allocate a huge amount of our operating budget on tutorials, webinars, investment advisors and other educational tools because we know our success is driven by our clients reaching their investment goals. The Olymp Trade Forex platform is an ideal vehicle for our Indian clients in achieving financial security for themselves and their families.”

Olymp Trade’s Forex platform offers some truly innovative methods for maximizing investor profits while reducing their risk. At the center of this innovation is Olymp Trade’s leverage system that allows traders to multiply their trades by up to 500 times their invested amount without borrowing the “leveraged” money from Olymp Trade as in traditional broker leverage programs.

Olymp Trade’s Forex platform allows clients to trade currency pairs like the Euro and U.S. Dollar, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) like the U.S. Real Estate Index, Commodities like Gold and Silver, and even the most highly capitalized Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The company also operates with completely transparent fees and commissions with no deposit or withdrawal fees. New traders can open an account with as little as $10 USD, get access to Olymp Trade’s Demo Account with $10,000 USD virtual money to help them hone their trading skills before they begin to risk their own money. Developing a low anxiety climate for investors is a core tenet for the company and it provides 24/7 customer service in online chats, over the phone, or through email. All in 13 different languages.

Experienced traders will also enjoy a series of features on Olymp Trade Forex including the ability to use Meta Trader 4 and obtain a VIP account for only a $2,000 USD deposit that provides many benefits including a personal financial assistant.
About Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is one of the most well-known brokers operating throughout the world, including Asia, South America and Africa. It is rated a Category-A Broker by the International Financial Commission for its reliability and consistent performance. Olymp Trade pays out over $13 million USD to its clients monthly and that number continues to grow.

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