Sounthirajan Kumarasamy, a Class 9th drop-out but an engineer by profession from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu has invented an automobile engine that he claims can run on distilled water, an alternative of petrol and fossil-fuel.

According to Kumarasamy, this "first of its kind" engine uses hydrogen as fuel source and releases oxygen. "It took me 10 years to develop this engine. It is the first-of-its-kind invention in the world. It uses hydrogen as the fuel source and releases oxygen," the engineer told news agency ANI.

"Utilising the thermal losses in the engine, hydrogen could be burned that helps vehicle run. I have currently designed the engine with the capacity of 100cc, which could emit oxygen while it's running. All the tests were successful," he told New Indian Express.

With his invention, one can run vehicle for 200 km with just 10 litres of distilled water. He had even tried running the engine with rainwater and bore fruit.

Sounthirajan kumarasamy water Automobile Engine

sounthirajan kumarasamy

Kumarasamy, who did his research at the District Central Library in Coimbatore, also claims that Indian government has granted him a patent in November 2018 for his Super Sonic Hydrogen IC Engine.

Kumarasamy, who wanted to launch his invention in India but failed to receive any "positive response" from the Indian authorities and eventually, in order to search for a new market to launch is engine, he approached Japanese authorities and received positive response from Japan government and now his "Automobile Engine is scheduled to be launched in Japan soon," claims Kumarasamy, as per ANI report.

Mr Kumarasamy said the engine will be introduced in Japan in a few days. He is hopeful of introducing it in India too.

"My dream is to introduce this engine in India. I knocked on all the doors of the administrators but could not get a positive response. So, I approached the government and got the opportunity. This engine will be introduced in the coming days," he said to ANI.

Sounthirarajan also owns and runs a company called NG Automobiles, which he established in 2010, and has even opened a branch in Tokyo a few months ago. He also runs an incubator cell at the PSG-Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Park (PSG-STEP), Coimbatore.

Sources - ANI News, New Indian Express

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