Do Your Thng (DYT), a shared economy platform for digital properties has raised an undisclosed amount from prominent individual angel investors, Sorabh Agarwal, Pawan Kumar, Girish Minocha, Proteek Dey and Rahul Verma.

The raised amount will be utilized for expanding the technology platform and on-boarding the brands, influencers and creators. Sorabh Agarwal, who runs a private angel network for fund raising for early stage startups and is also an advisor to start ups / mid-sized firms for strategy, led the round with other individual investors working with established companies like KPMG, Skootr, Wipro and Wheebox.

According to Mr. Sorabh Agarwal, “Traditional marketing and branding techniques are slowly crumbling and need to be replaced by something contemporary and substantial, and social media is the answer to that but; the success lies in how we make proper use of the market and it can be only be carried out by organizing the sector”.

DYT connects brands with the right users and operates in the space of being an online marketplace for social media stories, both commercial and not-profit, made available to billions of users of different social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With our core belief of everyone being an influencer, the brands get the opportunity of connecting with every social media user and get them to recommend the brand/service to their friends and followers as opposed to being able to connect with the 0.1% subset who are called influencers.

Mr. Ankit Agarwal, Founder of Do Your Thng (DYT) said, “DYT is on a mission of helping people express their support for what they love and get paid while doing so. On the other hand, we are giving brands the opportunity of connecting with every social media user and get them to talk about their brand/service.”

The increasing popularity of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube has given rise to “Influencers”. Coupled with the increasing affordability of cheap and faster internet, there exists a telling influence on the day-to-day decisions made by fellow surfers based on the trends set out by the ‘influencers’. The market for influencer marketing/branding and creators is often considered unfathomable and unorganized due to the lacunae between influencers and brands, and lack of pertinent methods to assess the outreach. Yet, many influencers have forged their own destiny from humble beginnings and are now well-sought out by bigger brands for marketing.

Do Your Thng' is an Indian, independent, privately held organization incorporated in 2018 by founder - Ankit Agarwal. DYT was founded to create a space for the creators and influencers that allows them the freedom to create and focus on their content. The community is meant for young social media users who have the passion to bring about a change in the status quo. DYT and its users hope to democratize the content and influencer marketing space.

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