Advertising network for publishers is a modern tool, which is applied for selling and buying the ad inventory. The advertisers can select among a great number of publishers’ websites and applications in order to place their adverts and display them to the target audience.

What is an advert network for advertisers and publishers?

The first networks appeared when a problem with the leftover of inventory aroused. It was required to increase the demand for the inventory as well as to make the revenues from the adverts higher. Besides, the advertisers also needed support scaling their online advert purchases and dealing with the publishers because they had to work with multiple sites. At the beginning of the networks development, tracking and reporting solutions were created to make the buying process easier. The platforms kept growing and developing. Today there are special networks for mobile and desktop adverts as well as the combined ones. The process of buying is automated, so there’s no necessity to have sales forces, organize negotiations, and spend too much time on bureaucracy.

The best publisher ad networks

Speaking about ad buying, it is vital to select a responsible resource with plenty of beneficial offers. Let’s consider the best ad publisher networks used today:

  1. Google Adsense - It’s a famous network, which is free of charge. It is characterized by good performance & eCPMs, which make the platform advantageous for both marketers and publishers. It works mostly with CPC & CPM adverts. Note that the network has strict guidelines.

  2. Revcontent - It’s the widest content recommendation resource, which is used by the leading companies, such as Forbes, NBC, and others. There are nice features for customization and a transparent system of reports, which are quite useful for the publishers. The performance and services’ quality are at the highest level.

  3. Infolinks - This network provides good options for monetization with In-Text CPM adverts. There’re no minimum requirements for traffic. It’s a perfect choice for bloggers.

  4. - With the help of this platform, the publishers are able to increase their revenue. Here you’ll find the largest number of marketers. Many well-known marketers work with the resource including Reuters, Forbes, etc.

  5. advertising network - This network is beneficial for the publishers offering wide opportunities for money conversion with the support of CPI, CPM, CPC, CPL, and other models. It cooperates with the most reliable advertisers worldwide. There’s a special tool, which shows your stats. Additionally, the resource offers the creation of quality adverts for any sites owned by the publishers. The ad network has best resources to provide quality services for advertiser and publisher – Real Time Bidding and programmatic Advertising   

  6. AdPushup - The resource is supported by Microsoft. It provides profit optimization on the publishers’ websites, which includes A/B tests, optimization of layouts, AdBlock recovery, etc. The publishers also get access to the top-paying campaigns thanks to the partnership with Google, AppNexus, and other companies.

  7. RevenueHits - The resource provides maximization of the revenue from the websites for minimal effort. Here you’ll find the relevant adverts for your audience. There are also in-house online marketers, who would like to purchase traffic without fees. The platform supports CPI, CPM, and CPL pricing models.

  8. Bidvertiser - The resource opens impressive opportunities for monetization. A PPC pricing model is a basic one. Besides, the publishers also get money for the clicks, which lead to conversion/sales. It’s the most efficient alternative for Google Adsense. The greatest attention is given to mobile traffic.

  9. MGID - This is a good choice for native money conversion. The platform provides the integration of the sponsored content/recommended goods into the natural activity system of the users. As a result, there’re low risks of disruptive adverts.

  10. PopAds - It’s created for money conversion of publishers’ traffic via pop-under adverts. The network provides appropriate rates, which are influenced by content & traffic of the resource. PPV and PPI models are applied by this advertising platform.


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