n a first of its kind partnership in the industry, Flipkart, India’s leading e-commerce platform, and Hotstar, India’s leading streaming platform, have collaborated to launch a Shopper Audience Network, Flipkart’s new ads platform that allows brands to connect with customers through personalised TrueIntent video ads on Hotstar.

Developed by Flipkart, Shopper Audience Network uses deterministic audience-based insights to help brands connect with users by leveraging Flipkart’s understanding of users’ purchase journey and the massive scale of TrueIntent video ads. It will help serve personalised advertising to over 150 million users across hundreds of categories.

In addition to providing brands a holistic view of their consumers, the platform will also provide them with the right tools to better attribute and measure the impact of their digital ad spends. This partnership ties in with Flipkart’s ambition to be a leading digital ads platform in India and the partnership leverages Hotstar’s huge momentum in the video ads market.

Besides Shopper Audience Network, Flipkart already has Flipkart Shopper Audience (FSA) Network which provides marketers to target the audience for their brand ads or products listing by Flipkart Ads.

Speaking about this partnership, Flipkart Senior Director Prakash Sikaria said, “Understanding our customers better than anyone else has always been one of Flipkart’s core strengths, and these insights help marketers in their ad journey, on our platform. This partnership further leverages the intent-based understanding and couples it with Hotstar’s platform to create an unparalleled offering in the ads industry in India.”

Commenting on the development, Hotstar EVP Prabh Singh said, “In Hotstar, marketers today have access to a large scale audience that is deeply engaged and paying attention. Brands that advertise on Hotstar are seeing the power of that engagement. The partnership with Flipkart will build on this proposition and provide marketers an opportunity to connect the dots to hundreds of product categories on Flipkart.”

Flipkart’s attempt at building an advertisement business is similar to Alibaba. The company started its advertisement unit in 2015, first with product listings to help sellers promote their products when customers search for them in the marketplace. In the same year, it also bought mobile ad network AdIQuity to kick-start the business.

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