Vidooly is a self-serve YouTube videos marketing advertising and analytics platform to promote videos across various networks.  Videos are being considered as the next big content marketing weapon. According to, 2014 is the year of video in the B2B Marketing.

Vidooly helps people from all walks of life to earn more money by promoting their existing content on YouTube. It helps artists promote their song videos, brands promote their television campaigns and moviemakers promote their movie trailers. The video contents are distributed through the help of a series of publishers who are mobile app owners, website owners, bloggers and social media users etc.

Founded on May 20, 2013 by Ajay Mishra and Subrat Kar, Vidooly has its headquarters in Gurgaon. Vidooly was previously known as Vidoofy. But due the existence of a mobile app named, they preferred to change their brand name to avoid any conflict in future.

An established digital marketing agency takes around 15-20 days to initiate a campaign as they are not self served as Vidooly. These established companies also prefer working with big brands who can give them a minimum amount of money spending commitment on advertising during the course of the campaign. So, it becomes difficult for smaller establishments and startups to work with them. Here is when Vidooly comes in picture. Vidooly doesn’t require a minimum budget commitment. Anyone can start a campaign at Vidooly with any budget. This feature makes Vidooly different from other advertising networks working in the market.

The procedure involved is very simple. Advertisers can start their campaigns by logging on to Vidooly. They will next be asked to put their YouTube video URL. The next step involves selecting the target audience and platforms which are relevant for their business. Then an auto CPM/CPV rate is suggested by the system. Once that is paid, the ad is launched live in 24 hours. The advertisers are even provided with the feature of tracking and analyzing the campaign using Vidooly analytics.

The grass is not all green for Vidooly; they still have to face a lot of challenges in their working. They are still a very small company with an even smaller team. They want to further expand their wings. Secondly, Vidooly hasn’t been able to get even a single external funding for their firm. To evolve into a bigger firm, they require funding.

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