Financial marketplace Wishfin has launched a new product, "Whatsapp for Credit Score". Wishfin has integrated with Whatsapp to launch a free credit score on Whatsapp. This is a first of its kind, where Indian users will have access to their credit score on Whatsapp. This is also one of the early adaptations of Whatsapp for Credit monitoring globally.

To get free credit score on Whatsapp, users can just give a missed call at 82 87 151 151. They can also start a Whatsapp chat to check their credit score for free through this link:

“Human-computer interaction is undergoing dramatic shifts. Voice and chat are becoming important tools of interaction. At Wishfin, our DNA is technology and we are always innovating. We wanted to be at the forefront of this trend, leveraging our cutting edge technology. We believe that Whatsapp is great for engagement with customers. Moreover, by using “Whatsapp for Credit Score” our customers can monitor their credit health at their convenience, very simply by giving us a missed call at 82 87 151 151. Whatsapp already has more than 250 million users in India and now they can access their credit score easily and simply, and in just a few seconds, by doing what they love – Whatsapp-ing!” said Puru Vashishtha, Chairman & MD,

Nearly 6 months ago, Wishfin had partnered with Whatsapp on testing its enterprise business solution. Wishfin had launched loan and credit card application on Whatsapp which was a huge success. That has further confirmed Wishfin’s belief that Whatsapp is a great engagement tool for financial products.

A few months ago, Wishfin had also partnered with TransUnion CIBIL to become the first fintech company to offer free CIBIL Credit reports in India. With the earlier success with Whatsapp, Wishfin has quickly innovated and launched this free Credit Score on Whatsapp, that really simplifies the process and offers an unparalleled customer experience of procuring a CIBIL Score and report. Customers will have complete control on the interaction, from starting the application to stopping the interaction, by just typing on Whatsapp.

Earlier known as Deal4Loans, the company rebranded itself to Wishfin in March last year. Wishfin offers financial products such as loans, credit cards etc. (along with is India’s largest lending marketplace with ~ 12 million customers and its adding half a million customers every month. Wishfin has disbursed more than ~ $3 billion worth of retail loans through its platform. Wishfin is thought leader in financial services and was the first fintech to launch Free CIBIL score in partnership with TransUnion CIBIL. works with the top 40 Banks, NBFCs and financial institutions of India such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, HDFC Ltd, SBI Cards, Bajaj Finserve, etc.

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