Choosing a data recovery software is a hectic task these days with a hell number of software available online with the label “recovery software” but you don’t know which one is actually going to work. A ton of these have a pathetic back-end data recovery algorithm which not only lessens the chances of successful data recovery but also deteriorates the quality of deleted data bits. Thanks to EaseUS Data Recovery Software which makes the work easy and reliable for us.

EaseUS is a company which has crossed 13years in the field of Data Recovery and the “EaseUS Data Recovery Software” is one brilliant and efficient recovery software will can help you recover accidently deleted files, formatted drives or even a hard disk crash. The software can also help recover data after a virus or malware attack. Though with a lesser success rate but the software can also help recover from a complete System Crash and Partition Loss. Below are a couple of reasons why EaseUS Software is the best when compared to other recovery software you might find.

1. Ease of Use of Software

Navigating through the software is extremely easy. There is no need of any prior experience doing data recovery stuff. You can do a quick scan as well as a detailed deep dive to scan for long lost files. You also have an option to save a scan. Which means if you are running short of time you can simply save your recovery process until then and resume later. There is also export and import feature for saved searches.

2. Cost Effective Solution

EaseUS Data Recovery Software has an amazing FREE version with which you can get all your work done. The only thing you will miss is the technical support and the external booting feature. External booting feature is only required when your hard disk is completely crashed and you are not able to boot the OS at all. In such cases it is always advised to go to a technical specialist as there might be a physical damage in the hard disk which you might not have noticed and the situation might worsen. The PRO version comes at $89.95 but still lacks the boot media feature. The PRO+WinPE has the complete set of features EaseUS has to offer.

3. Extensive Device support

You have use EaseUS Data Recovery Software to recover lost data from any device you can imagine including PC/laptop drives like Hard Drive, External Disk and SSD etc, Flash storage like USB Drive, Micro SD Card, Memory Card etc, Media devices like Camcorder, Digital Camera, Mobile Device, Music Player, Video Player, iPod etc and other devices. The software is easy to navigate with separate wizard for each segment.

4. Extensive File System support

The software supports all file systems that are available in the marketing including FAT(FAT12,FAT16 and FAT32), exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, ext2/ext3, HFS+, ReFS. Ext file systems are UNIX file systems which means if you can get a windows OS connected to the UNIX box you can recover the lost data with EaseUS.

5. Minimal System resource requirements

EaseUS Data Recovery can run on any system having a 32-bit processor with minimum 128MB RAM and 32MB disk free space. In today’s world you will not find a computer with specification as low as this. The software can run only on Windows platform starting from Windows XP to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2003 to 2016. UNIX OS is not support directly but if you need to recover files from a UNIX box you can attach the UNIX system to a windows machine and run the recovery.

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