Computers are prone to viruses, and you can many a time hear people talking about their systems being attacked by different viruses. A virus is basically a malicious software that can cause your system to behave weirdly by hampering the boot sectors and other areas such as memory, coding programs, etc. Sometimes it happens that your computer systems are attacked by dangerous viruses and may cause you to lose your video files, image files, and other vital data. It can be a serious cause of concern especially when it is something of utmost importance and may land you in trouble. At times even system restore doesn’t help in recovering all the files.

But this is not something that can force you to keep your hands over your heard and repent for the loss. There are many ways to cope up with the data loss and to recover the same. So if your files are deleted due to a virus, then keep reading this article further for recovering your data.

Sweeping and scanning

The very first step that you need to perform after finding out that your system is attacked by a virus is to clean it. So first and foremost clean all the traces of viruses from your computer before you try out any video recovery or data recovery methods. For this, you can use any one of the antivirus software’s available in the market. But make sure that you use an authenticated and genuine antivirus software so that your system is completely scanned and is free of viruses.

Recovery process

Once your computer has suffered a virus attack, the chances are that your files and drives may get corrupted and you may lose access to your records. In such a case, people opt for system restore to recover their data and other files. But system restore is not an ultimate solution because it cannot restore a personal file that you may have lost due to a virus attack. If you are habitual of backing up your files in regular intervals, then you can surely retrieve your files. But if you do not follow the backup process religiously, then system restore cannot help you out. But still there is a way out if you do not back up your files and that is “Recoverit”. Using this software you can recover songs, images, videos, files and almost everything that you may not be able to access due to the virus attack.

Using this software, you can retrieve all the hidden files by running a rigorous scan on your computer. Once the scan process is completed all your lost files are recovered and becomes accessible again.

Here is how you can start with the recovery process:

  • Firstly you need to launch the software and further select the recovery mode.Now the second step is choosing the drives where you want to restore the lost files.
  • Once the scanning process is complete you can preview the scanned data and click on the ‘recover’ button will allow you to get all your lost files back.
  • We hope this quick guide proves to be helpful for you whenever you suffer any such data loss due to a virus attack.


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