In his address to the Parliament, while presenting the Budget for 2018, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced that Budget doubled the fund allocation on Digital India programme to Rs 3073 crore in 2018-19.

Additionally, he also stated that NITI Aayog will initiate a national program to direct efforts in artificial intelligence in the country.

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) will launch a Mission on Cyber-Physical Systems to support the establishment of centres of excellence for research, training and skilling in robotics, artificial intelligence, digital manufacturing, big data analysis, quantum communication and internet of things. "To invest in research training, and skilling in robotics, AI, digital manufacturing, big data intelligence, quantum communications and art of the things, the DST will launch a mission on cyberspace in support of the establishment of centre of excellence. I have doubled their allocation on the digital India program to Rs 3,073 crore in 2018-19," said finance minister Jaitley.

He said that the global economy is transforming into digital economy due to the development of cutting-edge technology in the digital space-machine learning, AI, IoT, 3D printing and likes. "Initiatives such as Digital India, start-up India, Make in India would help to establish itself as knowledge and digital society. Niti Ayog will establish a national programme to direct our efforts in the area of AI including research, and development of its applications," Jaitley said.

Notably, in September 2017, despite PM Modi’s ‘Digital India’ campaign India slipped to 91th rank in Network Readiness Index Rank, an yearly report by World Economic Forum. Notably, India’s network readiness index in 2013 was 61.

Besides government, there are few global tech companies that too are supporting Digital India programme as in November last year, Facebook introduced its digital and startup training hubs in India aimed at helping small businesses and people grow by giving them the digital skills they need. Through these hubs Facebook plans to train more than half a million people in the country by 2020.

In early 2017, Google too introduced Digital Unlocked program, a program aimed at getting all of India’s 51 million small and medium businesses (SMBs) online.

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