Global ride-hailing superpower Uber has achieved a major milestone in the Indian market. The company recently announced that it has successfully completed 500 million trips in the country since launching its services in India four years ago, in 2013.

These 500 million trips make a significant part of Uber's overall score of Six billion trips all around the globe since its launch in 2010.

Uber started in India by debuting its services in Bengaluru, a city which was suffering from decades long traffic situation. Soon the company gained momentum and spread its network all around the country and is currently available in 29 cities in India.

Sharing its success journey in the Indian ride-hailing market, Uber announced that it has witnessed a double digit growth in the country with second-largest population on Earth and has seen almost 2.5 times annual increase in business as of June this year.

According to Amit Jain, Uber’s President for India and South Asia, completing 500 million trips in India is a major landmark for the company. From starting with just 3 employees in 2013, the company has now grown to become a family of over 1000 employees.

While the company is jubilant about its 500 million trips feat in India, it is focused on bettering its performance in the country every year as it considers India as a ride-hailing market has a lot to offer.
According to Uber, it has over 450,000 registered driver partners in India till date.

The ride-hailing giant is currently working on giving birth to one million livelihood opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs in the Indian subcontinent by next years.

Clocking over five million weekly active riders in the country, India is one of the biggest markets for Uber, outside its home country US.

Uber's main rival in the Indian market is homegrown ride-hailing giant, Ola. However, according to a recent research by KalaGato Pte show, currently, Uber's share in India's cab aggregation market is more than Ola's.

The research data showed that US-based Uber has been able to grow its market share in the six months to June at 50 per cent, while its rival Ola Cabs has a share of 44.2 per cent.

The research also highlighted that during the six months period from January to June this year, the average number of rides per customer stood at 2.95 in case of Ola and 4.38 in case of Uber.

Uber's celebratory numbers in the Indian market are testimonial of the fact that the company has been able to make a place for itself in the Indian subcontinent, something which it wasn’t able to achieve in China. Last year, China’s local car-hailing giant Didi Chuxing drove US-based taxi-hailing giant Uber out of its home country. Didi had successfully managed to win a multibillion-dollar and a year-and-a-half-long battle with Uber last year where the giant agreed to sell its business and leave the country.

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