Almost 5 decades ago, none of us thought that the man on moon thing could actually become a reality, but America made that happen by hoisting its flag in 1969. And now, a German-based company is gunning for something similar.

PTScientists, which was earlier known as Part Time Scientists, is working on setting up a communication tower on the moon. The new-space company, which aims to make space exploration accessible by bringing down the cost of missions and developing reusable space-based infrastructures to support future exploration, and inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists, wants to deploy the same cellular technology humans make use on earth on moon, and transmit the data back to the earth using the Audi lunar quattro rovers.

Although the lunar rovers are themselves capable of transmitting feed, they end up eating a lot of power and are also required to remain still while they're doing so. According to a statement by PTScientists' CEO Robert Boehme to BloombergQuint, this particular problem can be easily fixed as a LTE data connection have proven to consume far less power. He also added that the company would prefer to be able to livestream the video footage as the rovers are on the quest of exploring the moon surface.

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But, unfortunately, landing on moon is still very expensive. This is where Elon Musk’s SpaceX enters the picture. PTScientists has got itself a place on a shared launch of a Falcon 9 - SpaceX's reusable rockets. PTScientists and SpaceX have similar missions, they both want to bring down the cost of future space missions. According to Boheme, the spot on Falcon 9 is most expected to open next year.

PTScientists has also joined forces with popular German automobile company Audi for the lunar rovers and British multinational telecommunications company Vodafone for the communications tower. Boheme also added that they have several academic partners and business customers willing to pay them to take their payload to the Moon.

So, gear up, people, we might soon be receiving phone calls from moon. Won't that be thrilling?

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