iB Hubs Startup School, Lucknow is giving a major boost to student entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. It is a specially designed 4-week acceleration program for student entrepreneurs that charges zero fees and zero equity.

Many students have startup ideas. However, they are lost somewhere between the thought and the execution. iB Hubs Startup School facilitates students cross over this bridge of uncertainty with its Getting-Things-Done philosophy, unique hands-on learning approach, and personalized mentoring. The Lean Startup Principles and Design Thinking approaches are enabling the startups to build customer-centric and sustainable solutions. Startups are getting exposed to trainings and advice of industry leaders, seasoned entrepreneurs and are acquiring new customers too.

Here are the profiles of startups from Startup School Lucknow:

Addressing the society, sustainable leaders in the making

[caption id="attachment_117666" align="aligncenter" width="700"] n the picture from left, Hitesh(Greenrock), Akshay(Whirl Rock), Ravinder(Mandisoft), Suhail(Prolog).[/caption]

Prolog, one of the student startups, aims to curb down the power wastage in India from its current value at 24.62% (2016) to around 12-13% by working with various stakeholders. They believe that solutions based on advanced technologies like IoT, AI, and Machine Learning will enable efficient usage and distribution of electricity. They are currently developing solutions for real time monitoring, power theft detection, and remote disconnection.

Greenrock is on the path of tackling a global issue, ‘Plastic Pollution’. It is exploring applications of used plastics to develop solutions in the construction industry. Greenrock has come up with an eco-friendly brick model with plastic as one of the key ingredients.

Whirl wash provides reliable and convenient laundry services which are accessible to all at affordable prices. They are working with unemployed women, local dhobis and shop-fronts in an on-demand mechanized laundry/dry cleaning model creating employment opportunities locally and increasing revenues.

MandiSoft, is a unique solution for Sabji Mandis which caters to their accounting and business planning needs. Ravinder, founder of MandiSoft started up when he worked at his father's Sabji Mandi business for 6 months and recognized the severe need for personalized accounting and data analysis solution.

[caption id="attachment_117665" align="alignright" width="139"] Saaransh,Prosol[/caption]

Prosol believes that "the best thing to do with an advice is to pass it on” and to pass it on we provide a platform for Working/Business professionals and experts where they can mentor, share and connect with each other.

Let’s wish these student entrepreneurs the very best in their pursuit of startup wisdom and hope they become trendsetters/role models in their communities!!

To know more about iB Hubs Startup School, visit: http://ibhubs.co/startupschool/

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