The increase in number of startups and innovations makes way for the country to progress rapidly. Despite the increasing startup trend in India, only a few startups manage to thrive. To reshape this scenario and bring out more successful startups, iB Hubs, a PAN India Startup Hub, has come up with a novel initiative called iB Hubs Startup School that nurtures budding student startups. This 4-week zero-fee & zero-equity student acceleration program has taken in the 8th batch of young founders at Lucknow from mid-June.

The year, iB Hubs Startup School graduated 9 startups from Hyderabad, and currently, Lucknow cohort is nurturing 16 more. Through out-and-out learnings and experimentation, and great exposure to the real-world scenarios, the program presents an in-depth perspective on the dynamics and workings of the startup world.

Alumni of iB Hubs Startup School ‘17 and ‘18 have also joined the 2019 program to guide their juniors, throughout this program and after, with their experiences and learnings from running their startups.

Over 3 years, the program has empowered 140+ student entrepreneurs helping them carve their success stories and creating role models in the student startup ecosystem. The 2019 edition received applications from 800+ aspiring entrepreneurs from 200+ universities across 25 states in India.

The cohort contains startups from diverse domains like IoT, agritech, health tech, social media, green tech, and more. Few of the startups this year are, Oxyheal - a health tech startup that builds oxygen-enabled medical devices to cure chronic wounds, Novzo - a platform for readers to connect with people of their interests, EF Polymers - a startup that produces biodegradable polymers which enhance soil fertility and crop production, Infiability - sports-based startup that designs and delivers performance-enhancing sports equipment for international sportsmen, etc.

During the program, the student entrepreneurs conduct on-ground interviews with potential customers, strategize business models, master lean startup methods, learn basic financial and legal aspects, develop pitch decks, and understand the intricacies of the startup world.

The young founders also interacted with experts like Mr. Satish Kataria - CEO of Catapooolt, Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi - ENT Surgeon, Stanford-India Biodesign Fellow 2012, Mr. Saurabh Gupta - an executive from Digital Ocean, Mr. Sasank Parimi - SVP Business Development at ProYuga Advanced Technologies Ltd, and learnt valuable startup life lessons.

The growing number of young entrepreneurs in India backed by the initiatives like iB Hubs Startup School would bring out more successful startups from the country.

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