The Indian market is growing at a rapid fast, with internet access becoming a mainstream feature and use of mobile showing an unprecedented rise. The velocity of change is extremely high, with digital channels strengthening digital consumption successively. Marking this rise, digital tools and sites that the emerging inhabitants of “Digital India” use, play an ever-growing role in simplifying their daily functionaries. Smart marketers need to position their brand on top of relevant mediums, by creating marketing strategies and mirroring touch points where the consumer spends time.

To understand it better, IndianWeb2 interacted with Rajkumar Jalan, CEO and MD, Pan India Internet Pvt. Ltd. which is the company behind the initiative.

Here are a few pointers highlighted by Jalan that depict the changes on a detailed level:

Consumer Internet Behaviour In India

The Internet has become a strong part of a consumer’s daily schedule, transforming into an immersive gateway to knowledge as well as a massive platform for mass publicity and marketing. Already over two-thirds of the Indian population today use it several times a week and hence, a striking change in behaviour and perception has been noticed. "Professional audiences account for significant amount of the entire traffic on the internet and access from internet cafes still remains extremely high, averaging 30% on working days. Email and information remain the strongest reasons people look to go online in India, but the use of video has grown rapidly in the past few years and will continue to do so, following trends from Western Europe," said Jalan

Search Engine Marketing In India

The position of online search is parallel in terms of functionality to developed internet markets, although there is a lack of accurate data. As search is the largest segment of the online advertising industry globally, search engine advertising has quickly increased in India too, roughly doubling in size each year. "Search engine optimisation (SEO) is assumed to be a colossal part of the digital marketing mix in India, leading to a revolution in keyword optimization. This has turned out to be an important tool for marketers to capitulate, for visibility," said Jalan. Product development among search engines is set to increase, given India’s accelerating status as an internet economy.

Online Advertising In India

In India, internet advertising industry remains at a developmental stage, functioning in a similar way to that of the Western European internet advertising industry 5-8 years earlier. Although it is enjoying fast growth, the operation functions from a low base. "Incidentally, Indian consumers have experienced web advertising ever since they have started using the internet. Hence, there is greater acceptance of online integration than in some of the Western European markets at a similar stage in their growth. The market is progressively nationally driven with extra campaigns coming from global brands, yet most of the budget is confined to national businesses. This has emboldened the industry as even traditional brands are opting for digital prominence," said Jalan.


Although, the ecosystem of Indian digital consumption has seen its highs and lows, with the fledging sector trying to hold on its own ground, against traditional mediums. With time, will we get to see congruency in the digital movement, as plans to bolster the ecosystem are in rounds.

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