Gurgaon based Safetykart, leading e-commerce platform for safety and hygiene product has raised strategic investment from Dheeraj Jain. The structure of the investment gives a larger role for Jain in hygiene product portfolio that includes PeeSafe and upcoming GymSafe, Palmsafe and Moskito Safe. Safetykart focuses on e-commerce platform while Redcliffe Hygiene does end to end product to distribution for these product lines. Apart from Safe product portfolio, it focuses on Swastha Mahila, Swastha Bharat campaign.

Founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur Vikas Bagaria, Safetykart will continue the safety product lines mostly in child safety, car safety products and run by the professional team. Vikas joins the board of RedCliffe Hygiene with Dheeraj Jain who are launching GymSafe and MoskitoSafe into 1 lac stores by the end of this quarter.

“RedCliffe Capital has bought a 10% stake in and a sizeable share in RedCliffe Hygiene Pvt. Ltd with a board seat. We have made $1 million commitment across milestones and phases of the brand building of products under RedCliffe Hygiene,” said Dheeraj Jain, managing Director at RedCliffe Capital.

PeeSafe previously owned by SafetyKart is a global leader in toilet seat sanitizer spray and has sold over 100000 units in past 30 months of which 50% in last 12 months. and is no. 1 on Google organic search in over 100 countries on generic terms like "Toilet seat sanitizer spray". PeeSafe is currently being sold in countries like Australia, Nigeria, Kenya and Singapore and will soon be available in UAE, Spain, Ghana and Malaysia. With this strategic investment, the product will become a part of RedCliffe Hygiene portfolio and will be available across the country through general trade as well as modern trade.

“We have developed the most sold toilet seat sanitizer spray which has more than 50% repeat buyers. We have already sold 1lakh units of this product within and outside the country when we were bootstrapped. We were looking for the strategic partner who can help us to scale the business and take it to a larger audience in India and abroad. Dheeraj Jain believed in our concept and is equally passionate about this category and hence we decided to take a strategic investment from him,” said Vikas Bagaria, founder of SafetyKart who has also joined the founding team of RedCliffe Hygiene.

PeeSafe would be pitched at relatively affluent young women in metro and mini metro cities, typically in the age group of 18 to 35 years. We would target college going women, or those in their early years to work, also young mothers, for themselves and for their children. They would also be socially active, early adopters of new products, evangelists of products they like and use regularly, and influencers in their communities.

The Indian millennial (in the age group of 20-35 years) is the most educated most socially conscious generation in history, and there is a significant increase in women taking on leadership roles in the family. Technologically savvy and social-centric, the millennial woman looks to social networks for decisions from peer review more than expert opinions and is hungry for information through educational content about products and services.

Wellness is one space where she is willing to spend money on compelling brands. More than 150 million women suffer from UTI every year and more than 75% gets UTI from unhygienic toilet seats. For her, "healthy" doesn't just mean "not sick". It's a daily commitment to eating right and exercising, and proactively making efforts to remain fit and healthy.

“PeeSafe is operating in the virgin territory of toilet seat sanitizer sprays. This is an exciting space as we are building this new category and PeeSafe has created the entry barriers with its high-quality product and easy availability. In the first phase of Swach Bharat campaign, Government is building public washrooms. The next phase will come where the maintenance of these washrooms will be required for better hygiene. We see PeeSafe playing a major role at that time in Swach Bharat campaign. We aim to make RedCliffe Hygiene a Rs. 1000 Crore company by the end of 2022,” said Jain.

RedCliffe Hygiene aims to be India’s leading FMCG company with a focus on female intimate care and hygiene related products. With PeeSafe in its portfolio, RedCliffe Hygiene will soon be launching products for safety from mosquito bites and unhygienic equipment at gyms and will be working on research and development of more disease prevention related products. It supports Government’s cleanliness program i.e. Swachh Bharat Program and believes that cleanliness should be the basic right of every citizen.

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