Amishi Life has launched India’s safest range of nature-based pregnancy products under the brand name The Moms Co. It is India’s first Australian Certified Toxin-Free and Made Safe brand, certified by the Safe Cosmetics Australia Toxin-Free Campaign. The Moms Co follows a strict motto – Nature In, Toxins Out - using only the best natural ingredients and with zero tolerance for potentially harmful chemicals.

The company has launched its first set of products on 10th March 2017. It will be India’s 1st comprehensive natural pre-natal care kit to aid pregnant women with the most common discomforts they face during pregnancy. The kit includes 4 different products – Natural Body Wash, Natural Body Butter, Natural Body Oil and Natural Foot Cream. They will be available for purchase online first on as well as online marketplaces.

Co-Founder Mohit Sadaani, Ex - IIMA - McKinsey - Head of Growth and Strategy at Snapdeal, said in his statement - “This is just the beginning for us. Our team is working hard to close the year with 20 products in the space including a full range of natural baby care products and more pre-natal and post-natal products as well.” Over the next few years, the company plans to get into other categories where they will work closely with Indian moms to create the better options these moms seek - from diapers to food and clothing for moms and babies.

CEO & Co-founder Malika Sadani, a banker-turned-entrepreneur, is at the heart of everything The Moms Co. stands for. Malika explains - “3 years in the making, for us it’s always been about building a community of moms, and working with them to launch products Made Without Compromise for themselves and their families. That’s why we’ve brought in experts from across the world to help us with the safest natural formulations as well as the perfect look and feel to create a brand that speaks to moms globally. It is a collaboration of folks from India, Switzerland and US. The products are formulated and tested to make sure they meet every international safety standard there is - across US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia.”

All products are made using only the best international natural ingredients and aspire to help Indian mothers make safe, easy and natural choices for them and their family. A very stringent research and methodology is followed to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the products:

1. Careful selection of natural ingredients by expert formulators that meet various international standards across Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.

2. Extensive validation of short-listed ingredients against international toxicity databases - Environmental Working Group, Paula’s Choice, Whole Foods Premium Skincare, Safe Cosmetics USA and Safe Cosmetics Australia.

3. Multiple rounds of testing for safety and stability on various skin types. These include testing by international and Indian labs and agencies. The products are also dermatologically tested.

4. Approval and certification of product formulations by FDA and Safe Cosmetics Australia - Australian Toxin-free and Made Safe.

(Note: Refer to attachments for detailed research & testing procedure for product formulation.)

The Moms Co team is also backed by industry experts - Shripad Nadkarni and Nandu Nandkishore - who act as mentors and assist the company in their mission to deliver products that are world class and meet the high expectations of mothers across the world. With over 35 years of experience working with moms, their advice helps keep a sharp eye on quality & safety standards.

Shripad Nadkarni, Founder, Fingerlix (Fresh Foods Solutions start-up) and co-creator of brand PaperBoat who was also ex marketing head of Coca Cola and Johnson & Johnson, explains - “Many of the leading brands in this space are full of potentially harmful chemicals and additives. The obsessive drive of The Mom's Co to offer only the safest for babies and their moms is truly inspiring. It is an international brand that happens to be born in India.”

“Many existing brands have a crisis of trust, with several recent scandals about their use of carcinogens as ingredients. There is a crying need for natural, toxin free, safe products which The Moms Co. is trying to fill.” - adds Nandu Nandkishore who has held many senior positions at Nestle across the world including EVP in Switzerland and Chairman & CEO in Philippines.

The company was born out of Malika’s uncompromising attention to the smallest of details, and her desire that no mom should have to compromise on products. After long hours of research looking for natural alternatives, Malika worked with experts across India and Australia to choose the safest ingredients for The Moms Co products. They are targeted at the discerning, safety-conscious mom who does not want to compromise on getting the best products for herself and her family.

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