The $100 billion home service and improvement market has a new entrant; Frapperz, a community-powered, intuitive digital platform focused on simplifying the home set up and home management processes. In this rapidly evolving era of digital convenience, the app is built by a team of ex-corporates, IIT, JU alumni and an Imperial College of London dropout to provide optimum proficiency by using extensive data and research.

Frapperz is built on a browse-talk-book principle. It lets users browse through the offerings, catalogues, design content; get advice from experts and other users and then book the right home improvement pro or package through bidding and matching platform. Through an intuitive data driven approach, Frapperz minimizes time, effort and risk factors in every home improvement work.

In the first wave the app is launched in Kolkata. It has registered 10000+ active downloads and notched up a Gross Transaction Value of $10k per month.

The startup has raised an initial funding of $100k. The angel funding round has seen participation by multiple investors led by an Australian healthcare entrepreneur and startup investor.

Frapperz tops up the expert discovery with a fulfillment partner program which supports end to end execution of home projects. Frapperz’ fulfillment promise is backed by expert project management. The philosophy is to combine smart tech and processes to create winning consumer experiences.

Frapperz offers a seamless post-booking experience with one-click tracking, notification at every step, managed payments and post delivery reviews all integrated on a single platform. With supporting features such as project supervision support, advance-protection, service warranty and refunds, Frapperz aims to take the hassle out of creating beautiful living spaces.

Frapperz is conceived by the husband-wife duo, Jyotirmay Kanthal and Rimjhim Ray, who let go of their well-settled and comfortable lives in the UK and turned entrepreneurs with a dream. The couple has been serial entrepreneurs. In 2014 they launched Unmarketeer, a creative digital firm which has worked with leading businesses and startups to improve their digital footprint. Frapperz was launched in the late half of 2016.

The cofounder couple said, “We had stayed and set up homes in various parts of the world; London, Belfast, Switzerland, Kenya, Finland to name a few. Every place has its unique set of challenges when you are trying to set up a home and settle down. But we could generally abstract the problems to a few top learnings which we have used in Frapperz.”

Frapperz aims to provide users with a comfortable, warm way of setting up and improving a home. By connecting the key pegs that user looks for during a home improvement project – ideas, advice, designs, quality products and the right professionals, Frapperz wants users to feel upbeat about their next home project. The key mantra at Frapperz is creating a happy, engaged community with happy homes.

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