Inducing nuances of versatility to the integrated app, Jugnoo has announced the launch of its latest service ‘Grocery’. This launch is following the success of its recent launch ‘Fresh’, delivering fresh fruits and vegetables. Maintaining its stance of optimum utilization of resources, the grocery orders too will be delivered by auto-rickshaw drivers during their free time.

In order to cater to the growing customer demand in the app, Jugnoo has tied up with the local branches of biggest and best wholesalers in the city and currently has 3500 SKUs for its Grocery service. The platform also ensures 100% fulfillment of all items in an order. At present the deliveries are done the next day of placing an order between 4 pm-8 pm. To further enhance the services, Jugnoo also intends to launch an Express store this December, where deliveries will be done within 2 hours of placing an order.

Elaborating on the launch, Samar Singla, Founder and CEO, Jugnoo commented, “Post the successful launch of ‘Fresh’, the idea was to enhance our user experience and offer customers an all-inclusive end–to-end solution for all their daily needs. This additional category was a profitable move, as this adds to our overall order size. As a matter of fact, grocery in spite of being a low margin business, has been unit economics profitable for us from day one due to its strategic launch after Fresh. Furthermore, unlike other players in the industry, we have introduced a 'Wholesale' category that allows our customers to order their daily use items in bulk and increases ticket size for us.”

Prior to foraying Grocery launch into other geographical locations, Jungoo plans to grow organically in Chandigarh tricity and fortify its operations and processes. After acquiring a strong hold in its home town it intends to replicate the model in 40 cities across the country, with a plan of launching in about 6 cities by mid of next year. Jugnoo is also working on tying up with brands directly for its grocery service.

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