In an innovative collaboration of business and academia, the Mumbai based startup NearU has announced the on-boarding of Dr. Goutam Challagalla as one of its investors.

Dr. Goutam Challagalla is a Professor of Marketing at the world's leading business school IMD, Switzerland.  He has advised several Fortune 500 companies including 3M ,IBM, HSBC, UPS, Ernst & Young, GE, Swatch Group and many more.  He has assisted clients on developing a market strategy, designing a marketing and sales organization, and customer service.‎

NearU team is excited to have Dr. Goutam Challagalla as one of their investors as his expertise and knowledge in marketing and his international reputation as a marketing Guru will help NearU pave the way for its future marketing plans and expansion in international regions. When asked about his decision to invest in NearU, Dr. Goutam Challagalla said, “NearU app is an innovative marketing platform for the retailers and i see a lot of potential in its vision. It’s just not a financial investment but it’s an investment of interest and passion”.

“We are keen on having an International Marketing Guru as investor will help NearU to be better Offers Marketing platform for Retailers, and how we can enhance our User experience taking insights on User behavior from Dr. Goutam” said Mr. Hemanth Meka Rao, Founder and CEO, NearU Mobile Pvt. Ltd.

The NearU App has streamlined the offers into 9 wide categories of Apparels, Accessories, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Health & Beauty, Entertainment, Home & Living, Hotels and Automobiles. NearU has its presence in 8 major cities across India.

Today, where there is an app available for every niche area of necessity, the last thing a user would want is information overload. For the very reason, NearU positions itself in a way that does not oversell to the user while catering to their need for information in a personalized & intelligent way. While supporting the idea of ‘touch & feel’ factor while shopping, NearU encourages the consumers to go the traditional way.

NearU Mobile Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Mr. Hemanth Meka Rao in June, 2015. They have developed the NearU App in-house & is their main focus. NearU is a location based Mobile app for Discovery & Deals, based on an Online to Offline model with an App to Retail concept that connects the User to Outlet. A utility app that guides the user in his / her 'Online to Offline Journey' by showcasing LIVE information on the best retail brands near the user & in nearby retail outlets. In one touch, the user can find exciting deals and offers near him/her, thus facilitating in the sales promotion & retail marketing activities of Brands at their outlets.

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