With our 21st century, fast-paced lives taking us to different corners of the world to fulfil all the dreams in our eyes, the one thing that we often miss the most is being with our loved ones. Everyone expected this particular problem to be solved when the video calling tech was invented, but sadly that wasn't the case. Video calling is still a very complicated and frustrating procedure for many with a constant fear of being disconnected midway looming over the conversation. But, that was until Google decided to give us a permanent independence from this fear on 15th August, 2016 by launching Google Duo — a 1-to-1 video calling app.

Duo by Google claims to be different from Microsoft's much famous Skype, Apple's FaceTime and Facebook's Messenger app. With Duo by side, one will not have to constantly tense about whether their call will get connected or not, or ensure that their friend is using the same electronic device as them.

Here are a few Google Duo features that you should know about if you're contemplating on downloading the app:

1) Clean and Simple User Interface

In order to drive far away from the complexity of the current video calling procedures, Google has made an extra effort to keep its user interface as simple as possible, from beginning till the very end. In order to getting started on their Google Duo experience, all one requires is their phone numbers and they will be able to get in touch with anyone in their smartphone's contacts list. So, that means, there's no need to have a separate account. Just a few sign up steps in the beginning and then you're good for life.

2) Fast and trustable

Don't we all hate it when the video call fails in between a conversation or the video just goes grainy? Google Duo makes sure that doesn't ever happen to your future video calls. The app connects video calls quickly and works on the top of its performance even when functioning on slower networks. It adjusts the quality of the video calls in cases when the network conditions are constantly changing so as to keep the users connected to their calls. Even in the situations when the bandwidth is limited, Duo manages to keep the connection smooth by reducing the resolution. Google even makes video call on the go possible by effortlessly and automatically making a switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data or vice-versa without dropping the video call. So, that means, one can begin a video call in the office, and continue it in the car.

3) Designed to appeal to Humans

Google has designed Duo with the sole aim of making video calls a part of our daily 21st century lives. In order to achieve this, the company has added a very innovative feature called Knock Knock in the app, which lets the user watch the live video of their callers before answering the video calls. Hence, even before answering the call, the user knows what the person on the other side is up to and maybe even sense what they're calling to chat about.

Available on both Android and iOS, the app even takes care of the privacy and security concerns associated with video calls. All the Duo calls are end-to-end encrypted.

According to a Google YouGov Survey, July 2016 done among 18+ U.S. online population, nearly half of the population never makes video calls on their mobile phones. This is quite shocking considering the technological advancement level that we have reached in 2016. So, I guess, Google Duo was much needed, indeed. Let's see what actual difference the app is able to make in the world of video calling.

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