Trying to find PayTM on your iOS device? Well, keep trying but you ain't going to find it. The popular e-wallet app whose popularity grew off the charts after November 8 demonetisation announcement has delisted its iPhone and iPad apps on the Apple’s App Store after it came across some bugs and technical issues.

The latest from the company on the issue is, that it has pushed an update for the app and is just waiting for Apple's approval now.

Enjoying the position of India’s largest mobile wallet app with over 170 million registered users, PayTM was very enthusiastic about the whole demonetisation drive and pledged its support the very next day of the announcement when it printed page long advertisements regarding the same in almost all national newspapers. But, now it seems, the e-wallet app hasn't been successful in managing such a large inflow of new users.

The disappearance of the app from the Apple App Store came just a few hours after the service suffered from an outage on Tuesday. In fact, the service wasn't so smooth for some users even yesterday.

The delisting of the app from the App Store has sent almost everyone in a tizzy as even when an update is awaiting an approval from Apple, the app's older version still remains available in the Apple store for download. So, why did PayTM go with the delisting option is indeed a curios puzzle.

According to company's statement on its blog,"Today we found a bug in our iOS App where certain app users were not able to pay thereby hanging their app. Soon the system logged them out preventing them from further accessing their account."

"We have currently removed the app from the App Store to stop adding incremental new users to our existing base," said a PayTM spokeswoman.

Well, it seems, there's no end to the troubles of the Indian population dealing with the demonetisation surprise sprung on them by the Indian government.

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