The founders always had had the urge to work for a cause and impact a larger audience that what their corporate jobs provided. This led to the birth of the idea of KOMPANIONS, a Gurgaon-based Ed-Tech-Sci startup that is making use of gamification, AR and VR to impart knowledge among school children. Their Vision is to nurture an ecosystem that encourages creative and critical exploration, facilitates accelerated understanding and encourages individuals to cross frontiers, to go beyond the obvious and assist curious minds in the creation of NEW by positively impacting the BRAIN. Let us see the full story ourselves.



The company was founded in March 2015 and is headquartered in Gurgaon. KOMPANIONS is here to change the concept of education in India and the way it is perceived. With its most advanced approaches in education such as Gamification, 3D Visualization and Assessment Architecture, they aim at making the learning process for children easy, fun and effortlessly effective.

Clubbing the traditional ways of teaching with technology, KOMPANIONS focuses on more than 20+ learning skills that help in child development and creates a vast pool of abilities. This ensure and rather builds a critical and logical reasoning in all learners.

The idea of KOMPANIONS actually started with a question that was posed to the founders by one of their young nephews. This kid had a mathematics test in class and was supposed to perform division for a 5 marks question. This question in itself was the “apple falling” moment, as it not only highlighted the gap areas and the opportunity that existed but also showed them that if there was an area that they wanted to work and contribute in, it is definitely “Education”.

Image processing, Real Time Rendering are some of the technologies that they use in Augmented & Virtual Reality. Apart from this, they have game engines that help us in gamification of education.

In a nutshell, education is their zone and knowledge is the work-space. They work hard every day and push ourselves to make education modernized, simpler, interesting and yet meaningful.


Gautam Arjun: Chief Growth Hacker and Co-Founder at KOMPANIONS, established to revisualize education and learning through 3D Gamification, Visualization, Augmented & Virtual Reality. He is a Finance Professional and a Software Engineer with over 8 years of experience. His expertise includes Education Management, Management Consulting, Business Development Strategy, Operations, Private Equity Valuations and Business Modelling. Prior to KOMPANIONS, Gautam was a part of the Management Consulting team at KPMG.

Yuvraj K Sharma: Chief Innovation Trailblazer & Co-Founder at KOMPANIONS. Yuvraj is an online media and marketing expert, techy and a learning addict with hardcore education management experience. He is an education enthusiast and has spent a considerable amount of time inside classrooms with learners of varied intelligence. An accomplished facilitator and a persuasive speaker, Yuvraj has a way with children and young adults, having conducted several workshops on problem solving and communication.



They started as a two member organisation and reached to a team size of about 40 spread across 3 cities in their first year of operations. They aim to be a 60-member team, within 2016 with a maximum reach to all the major Tier I, II and Metropolitan cities.


They don't really have much of a competition in this field. There are a few organisations which are doing some similar things but not to the scale of work done at KOMPANIONS. Also what makes them different is that their education system lacks thinking as a framework and there are hardly any programs that emphasize specifically on logic, cognition and attitude building. They still follow chalk and talk and rote method of teaching but with a different approach. They have a model for both B2C as well as B2B segments. This makes the model more robust and hence different.

Image processing, Real Time Rendering are some of the technologies that they use in Augmented & Virtual Reality. Apart from this They have game engines that help us in gamification of education. After their record making attempt at St. Xavier’s Jaipur, They are being approached by many national and international organisations to collaborate.


They are a self-funded organisation, backed by friends and family.


They have partnered with the following schools for K-Labs, Summer Camps, and other educational activities.

  • Stepping Stones School Chandigarh

  • Soldier International School Panchkula Chandigarh

  • Xaviers School Jaipur

  • Vedant Kids Jaipur

  • Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon

  • Presidium International Gurgaon

  • Chalk Tree School Gurgaon

  • Euro International School Sikar

They have around 850 + kids on a Virtual Reality Tour into the Solar System at St.Xavier’s School, Jaipur. They are also in talks with some of the best schools of the country to organise similar events based on different themes. These kind of events involving Virtual Reality and Gamification, excite and engage the children.  Since their inception they have worked on multiple large institutional projects in the fields of Movie making. which is essentially a 116-minute documentary on Art of Learning, Mechanical and Electrical K-LABs in an Engineering college and Primary School K-LABs.

During the last 14 months of operations, their team has developed and tested a state of the art activity kit, called Knowledge Cube (KUBE). They will be starting the sales of this product to the retail market by this month end. They expect the sales to be enough to meet their operational expenses.

They will be launching two more products by July, targeted towards the improvement of learning levels and analysing the learning outcomes.


In their first year itself, they have launched three products that are “Firsts” for the market. They will be coming out with three more in 2016. Currently, they are focusing on kids and adults in the B2C and B2B space, but they definitely see themselves reaching out to an even larger audience in the next six months. They also want to reach to a global audience in 2016.

  • K-LAB July 2015: First 3D Knowledge Laboratory powered by Gamification and Augmented Reality installed at St. Soldier’s School Chandigarh.

  • KUBE September 2015: India’s first 3D Educational Knowledge cube (KUBE) launched by honourable Minister of Technical Education Rajasthan at Jaipur.

  • KANVAS December 2015: Movie screening of “UddJaane Do” with more than 5000 parents at the venue in Chandigarh. They auditioned more than 1500 students and 100+ teachers for this inspiring cinematic representation on the art-of-learning under KANVAS productions.

  • KOMPASS January 2016: KOMPASS, a diagnostic assessments tool that predicts and provides remedial solutions was launched in Delhi NCR.

  • VR Solar System Tour May 2016: 852 kids from 6 to 8 standard taken on a Virtual Reality Tour into The Solar System at St. Xavier’s School Jaipur.


They had recently organized a record-breaking attempt in which KOMPANIONS in collaboration with St. Xavier’s School Jaipur took 852 kids on a Solar System Journey through Virtual Reality (VR). These students were from grades 6 to 8.  This is the single largest gathering of school students which has undertaken a VR journey ever, a feat that has never been successfully attempted by anyone, so far.

This event got wide coverage across newspapers like Hindustan Times, DNA, Rajasthan Patrika and DainikBhaskar. ETV covered it LIVE on its channel. The response that KOMPANIONS received from the students, parents and school was very encouraging and motivating. KOMPANIONS strives to launch many such edutaining (education + entertainment) journeys over the next few months in the fields of Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Geography etc across India.

Apart from this, they are working to create one platform for all the educators in the country. This platform will be like a confluence of educators sharing knowledge, best practices, experiences, happenings in the education world.


Once you are convinced with the idea, execution is another task. Once you have stepped into execution, it’s all about believing in yourself and the team you work with. Ideas executed well, always lead to success and it’s only the team which will enable this execution. So, choose your team wisely and carefully.



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