We're almost halfway through the year 2016, and what could be seen as a positive sign for the tech industry, the inventions this year are just getting better and better by the day. The current addition to this year's long list of invention marvels is OpenBike, or “bicycle of the future", as it being helmed by its makers.

Described as an "Operating System For Bicycles", OpenBike is the labour of hard work of Randall Jacobs, a two-time amateur national champion and his business partner Kyle Manna. For a few who have managed to get a peek at the bike's prototype, are calling it a master invention with an all-in-one integrated package that comes with headlights, anti-theft features, integrated automatic tail lights and turn signals, a phone mount and USB charging, among various other features.

In order to make these bikes of the future accessible to the public as soon as possible, OpenBike has partnered Marin Bikes and will be building the first batch of the bikes in the state of California.

According to the makers, the OpenBike will enable sensors, lighters and other electronics to be integrated as a standard equipment.

  • One Battery that powers everything, can charge itself as the cyclist rides, and charges their phone too.

  • One On-Bike Network that enables component interoperability.

  • One shared connection that integrates the bike and its data to mobile applications and the various services in the cloud.

The main idea behind the conception of the OpenBike is, that while the bicycle manufacturers will be building the basic network into their bikes, the electronic component manufacturers will be manufacturing products that are compatible with the system.


A few months ago in February this year, the OpenBike had joined Highway1, a well-known hardware accelerator backed by PCH International. With just nine companies making the cut out of the 300 applicants, OpenBike considers that the class has not only proven to be really strong for it, but has also been a huge help in assisting the project’s advance.

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