The fast-paced life we live nowadays gives us very little time to learn new things. In addition to the time crunch, a modern leaner also has a short-lived attention span. This is why apps like Duolingo, Memrise, Primer by Google and others came into existence and bailed the 21st century people out of the knowledge-less, mundane trap that they were unknowingly getting trapped in. Joining the mission is a Bengaluru-based startup called

Available to learners all around the globe, the science-based app claims to make learning easy and helps build long term memory. The notification based micro learning platform provides on-the-go lessons and helps its users reach their education goals, even when they are travelling in the metro or waiting for your friend at a coffee shop.

knudge_me's lessons come combined with adaptive repetitions and infographics. Their main objective is to help their users learn on-the-go with minimal effort involved. Though the lessons are meant for everyone, the app's target audience is students wanting to improve their verbal score in competitive exams such as SAT, GMAT, GRE etc. The icing on the cake is, all of's courses are absolutely free of cost.

In order to give knowledge-seekers something different from its already famous competitors in the market, the Bengaluru-based startup not only just focuses on its content, but also puts in extra effort in taking care of how the selected content is being presented to the learners. Further, the app provides effective learning through scientific ways of spaced learning. The startup has also made an effort to makes its interface personalized and adaptive, through infographics and gamification (quizzes and challenges).

How works

The first step involves choosing what you want to learn by subscribing to a course. The second step is to unlock byte sized content through notifications and earned credits. The final step is to start making learning a habit by challenging yourself with daily quizzes and earn performance credits. One can learn courses like vocabulary builder, idioms, phrasal verbs etc.

Meet The Makers has been conceived and executed by three bright individuals -- Zunaid Ahmed, Udit Jain and Pushp Raj Saurabh. While Zunaid Ahmed and Udit Jain are IIIT-Allahabad alumnus, Pushp Raj Saurabh has been a student of Thapar University. Prior to, Zunaid has worked as Senior Software Engineer in TinyOwl while Udit has worked in the past in companies like Flipkart, Walmart Labs, and Pushp Raj is a ROR enthusiast who has worked in companies like TinyOwl and CraftsVilla.


With a Google Play Store rating of 4.9, the app has attracted more than 6000 users within just 2 months of its launch. It currently has about 4000 daily sessions.

Future Plans

The startup is working with various industries experts to design curated content in diverse domains like mathematics, marketing and medical etc. Not currently funded, is in talks with investors to raise seed fund to further scale its product.

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