Now, this one is especially for those who spend days or even months researching on finding the right kind of headset/ earphones for the perfect sound experience. Cutting to the chase and saving the perfectionists a lot of time, a company named Doppler Labs has been successful in developing earphones that will can be manually tuned to attenuate--or amplify--specific sounds from the environment around oneself.

This means, if you're enjoying a sunny day outside in the open and wish to tune out the sounds from the nearby railway station but keep the sounds of the jubilant and chirping birds around you, the earphones can very well make this dream come true. Similarly, if you're at a concert and want to accentuate the sound of one particular instrument, the earphones will make that possible. Yes, that too in real time.

According to industry experts, the Hear One earphones can be termed as an augmented reality for audio as they allow the users to tune the world around them the way they want.


The company first unveiled the earphones a few months ago. But, back then, they couldn't do functions like making calls over the Bluetooth or play music. But, that all has now changed. The latest version of the earphones, in addition to working as regular headphones, can now boost or get rid of specific sounds in the environment as per the user's requirement. They can also pair up easily with digital assistants like Google Now and iOS' Siri.

For people wondering how did Doppler Labs make the Hear One earphones a reality, here's the secret. The company made use of a signal processing methodology. The method entailed using ‘adaptive filters’ that allowed the earphones to tune out specific types of sounds as opposed to tuning out specific frequencies as prevalent in many other earphones available in the market. For example, the earbuds can now easily be tuned process and identity complex sounds such as a baby crying, keys squeaking, traffic sound and many more.

If this wasn't enough, the Hear One wonder earphones also come with integrated directional microphones that the user can use to specifically get rid of certain sounds coming from a particular direction. Using the bundled app, the users will also be provided with an opportunity of experiencing a customised listening experience by saving audio profiles.


The Hear One earphones are scheduled to make their appearance in the market in November this year. Priced at $299 ( Rs. 20,232 approximately), the wonder earphones are currently available for pre-order on their official website (

With a single charge and on sound cancellation mode, the earphones can effectively function for up to 4 hours and up to a good 6 hours when used as regular Bluetooth headphones. The earphones will come with a carry case that will be capable of delivering two extra charges.

So, who all can't wait to lay their hands on the Hear One earphones? I know, I can't!

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