A Noida based startup called Dhobilite promises to make all your laundry burden lite in a jiffy.

If for once you're thinking that Dhobilite is similar to all the other online laundry services currently operating in the market, you're highly mistaken. In addition to the regular cloth laundry and dry cleaning service, the startup also offers its customers with shoe dry cleaning and car wash and dry cleaning services. Sounds interesting? Well, it is.

Started in the year 2013, Dhobilite's mission is to make laundry a hassle-free chore for people. It's user-friendly website and Android app helps it to provide its users with an end-to-end solution for all their laundry needs, right from placing their orders, tracking them, rate list, history, coupons, referrals, rating and payment solutions and integration with PayTm. Further, in addition to providing its customers with end-to-end solutions, the startup has taken upon itself the responsibility of providing end-to-end solutions to all the vendors associated with it.

Nowadays lives have become so fast and tiresome that at the end of the day the last thing we want to do is laundry. But, like food, it is one thing that we ought to do in order to live a healthy life. This is where Dhobilite enters your lives and shoos away your laundry troubles right from your clothes, shoes to your car.

The startup believes that they debuted in the market at the right time, and this has helped them garner important knowledge about the market and technology. And, now that the market is ready to reach its true potential, they are best placed to reap the fruits of hard work they have been laying for the last three years since entering the market.

The startup has recently launched its operation in Gurugram (Gurgaon) market, where it is offering premium laundry services which has better TAT, individual packaging options, etc.


The Noida based startup knows that the market's need is just laundry, and other things like technology, branding etc. are just enablers that helps them reach their customers demands and expectations. Hence, they believe in investing most of their time and resources in providing 100% quality laundry services at the best rates possible rather than going for expensive marketing and advertising.

Due its clear understanding of the market needs, the startup has been able to maintain an increasing growth tangent since inception.

The following figures speak for themselves in terms of Dhobilite's noteworthy growth since the year 2013.

  • Order served has increased from 3000 in financial year 2013 to 4500 in financial year 2014 and further to 6500 in last financial year.

  • 80% MoM retention rate of customers

  • Approx 40% orders are from online platform (app / web)

  • Avg delivery time of 2.2 days (It include delays due to customer unavailablity, otherwise order gets ready in around 36 hrs.)

  • 80% of order are picked and delivered on time.

  • Average number of complaints of below 1 percent (this includes complaints of web/app, behavioral issues, timing, pressing, washing, billing, etc.)

The startup is the labour of hard-work of two IIT Varanasi alumni, Nishant Tripath and Abhishek Kumar. Both of them have a strong 13+ experience in technology and cleaning services and a sound knowledge in process automation and behavior analysis data capture techniques.

After forming a strong grip in Noida and nearby areas, the startup, which hasn't received any funding as of yet, has recently made a foray into the Gurgaon market and so far the feedback has been positive. In the near future, the startup aims to have its presence in whole of NCR and other major cities like Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

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