We are all familiar with the concept of 3D printing. 3D printing is going to be one of the strongest pillars of the 4th industrial revolution. In a short span of time, the 3D printing market has grown immensely and is now estimated to reach $46 million in the next three years. This Pune-based startup by three IIT Roorkee graduates plans to capture this market with their idea Chizel, which is basically a design studio. They have very high ambitions for this technology and their ideas, and believe that it will make a fantastic combination!

The startup claims to be India's first distributed manufacturing e-commerce platform. That means that the company does not hold any inventory. Every product is made on-demand within 3 working days and shipped to consumer. On top of that, the startup assures its manufacturing happens closest to consumers location which helps the startup in lowest shipment cost and fastest logistics.


Chizel is a future of e-commerce design studio. It has taken 3D printing to a whole new level and is planning to use it on a much larger scale.  It sells premium lifestyle products customizable as per users’ interest and self-expressions. They are building a revolutionary online platform that enables their consumer to explore real and different designs which never hit the market because of the various manufacturing limitations. The customer here has the option of customizing the existing design as per his/her wishes.

After they receive an order, every product is then manufactured-on-demand using smart manufacturing technology like 3D printing. Hence they do not keep any inventory at all.

The entire concept is built upon mass customization and distributed manufacturing. In this increasingly competitive market, a user-centric, collaborative approach to design has the potential to result in beautiful digital products that delight clients and their end users. That’s their ultimate goal.


Yash Rane (promote and CEO): Yash is an IIT Roorkee graduate. His branch was Mechanical engineering. He has 8 months of professional work experience in Behr as a Purchase Manager. Yash overviews daily operations, sales, marketing, and design.

Ravi :Ravi is also from IIT roorkee and he is a Mechanical engineer as well. He has had  8 months of work experience in Reliance Industries. He worked in Reliance, Vadodara as a Maintenance Engineer. He heads operations in Chizel and is responsible for project management, execution, customer relations and repeat business.

Akash:Akash is again from IIT Roorkee and is also a Mechanical Engineer like his co-founders. He has 6 months of work experience in MIDAS, South Korea. He has worked briefly as a sales consultant. He heads Business Development in Chizel and is responsible for sales and expansion.

How Chizel Is Different

Their major competitors are companies like Chumbak, HappilyUnmarried and Bewakoof.com which are selling unique designer products. They feel that the consumer has been looking for designer products and seeking customization for a long time now. But what their competitors offer is a change of graphic design. On the other hand, they provide the customer with an automated system to help them change the entire product design. For example, on one side you get custom made T-shirt where you can only customize text, logo, color etc. On the other hand, here you can get a t-shirt cut and stitched only for you. Hence their market is fairly new.

As of now the startup is focused on serving its customers with 3D designer mobile cases.


They are looking for funding at this stage.


Based ou of Pune, their team has been developing this product for the last two years. To sustain their development team, they have developed a non-core vertical that offers customized product manufacturing services to architects, heavy machinery, and event management firms. Their turnover through their services has crossed USD 100,000 this year. Their main focus is now to launch their product faster in the market so that they can gradually discontinue non-core services.

They are currently incubated by NDBI (Incubator run by NID Ahmedabad) for past one-year that has helped them reach the artist community of India.


They are the future of design and manufacturing. Chizel’s vision is to provide highly customized products which are also uniquely crafted for every individual consumer. Customers have some tentative projections in their mind as to how they want their product to be and that is what Chizel provides them with. They are trying to extract every individual’s thoughts as a variable input for their algorithm as every customer is unique for them. Their technology converts the input into customizable range in the form of a slider. Now if you slide the slider, it will create a unique geometry that can be further customized depending on what you want. Their design team has already achieved it in offline mode. They are looking for design entrepreneurs who can financially assist in taking their vision forward.

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