When you're not able to convince someone to do what you want, what do you do next? You offer them incentives. Well, this is the path being adopted by a number of countries to attract new businesses to settle their base in their countries. If you're currently in the midst of starting a new venture, this article might help you a lot.

It is fascinating to know that they are certain countries out there that are offering entrepreneurs lucrative deals like immediate financial incentives to fund their startups and reduce their startup's bills and taxes etc. in an exchange that they move their base to their land.

Here's a list of the countries you can consider as a base for your upcoming Startup.

  1. United States -

    Well, here's one country that we're sure you didn't expect to be on the list. Of course, the capital of capitalism, as it is fondly called by many, is doing exceptionally well when it comes to the business world, but there are certain parts of the country that are lagging massively and require government push.

    Anchorage, Alaska and Detroit, Michigan are some of the areas for which the State has schemes. Since each scheme has a different thing to offer, you must read and check all the terms of the relocation programs before making the big commitment.

  2. Denmark -

    Known as an entrepreneur-friendly country, Denmark offers the startups an open access to the single market. The country's scheme provides entrepreneurs a fantabulous chance of getting a two-year working visa and a chance to settle in Denmark.

    The country might not offer you financial incentives directly on a plate, but it does give startups an access to its health and welfare systems, which are quite difficult to land for the newbies. According to experts, Denmark's scheme is one of the best ones available in the world.

  3. Chile -

    Planing to set up your base in Chile? Congratulations, here's your $50,000. Sounds too easy, right? Well, unfortunately it isn't. Here's the catch.

    The Start-Up Chile scheme requires you to build a startup that is capable enough to transform itself into a global phenomenon. The scheme requires the entrepreneurs to stay in the Spanish-speaking country for the initials six months of the project. In order to make things lucrative for everyone, the program is conducted in English.

  4. Since its inception in 2010, 45 percent of the businesses established under the program are still doing well and have helped the program script a winning story. Along with the monetary assistance, one also gets a one-year work visa and a list of well-established business contacts to get started with work.

  5. Mauritius

    Getting paid to work in Mauritius. Won't that be a dream come true? The country has recently step its foot in the startup scheme market, so its scheme is still in its initial growth stage.

    In order to make the cut in the country's program, one needs to convince to the evaluation committee how their idea is out-of-the box but still viable. The startups are then graded in a number of categories, including Innovation, Technology, Business Model, Creativity and Financials.

  6. Ireland

    Ever heard of Enterprise Ireland? The scheme, which attracts thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the world, is a hot favourite in the world startup industry. If you think your startup has a potential to become a global success, then you must try your luck by applying for funding from the Enterprise Ireland scheme. If you dod get accepted, then there will be no looking back for you and your firm. The scheme provides startups with thousands in funding and an opportunity to live and work in Ireland.

    Further, as a member of the European Union, your startup will have direct access to the common market using the Euro currency, which is one of the strongest currencies in the world right now.

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