Sometimes in our lives we often have to prioritise somethings over others. This doesn't mean we value the other thing less but at that particular time, that particular thing requires more of our time and effort. Such situations occur often in a women's life and the most common one is during child birth.

A lot of professional, working women decide to take a sabbatical when having a child in order to devote their 100 percent attention in raising their children during his or her primitive years but once the baby is big enough to take basic care of themselves, they decide to hop on the career bandwagon once again. Helping them in their journeys is Mumbai based Koffeeplace.

The startup, which is as unique as its innovative name, is an online community for women professionals seeking to return to the workforce after a sabbatical. They do so by helping every women identify a career which is right right for them and start by focusing on three main elements of success – confidence, skills, and opportunities.

Confidence: This is one trait that is an essential ingredient of success in today's time. All the time off from work often creates a feeling of self-doubt among the women if they will be able to grasp on the new trends and jargons that have taken over their field in their time away. The startup aims to help them overcome this through mentoring, career counselling and image consulting sessions.

Skills: After providing them the confidence that they have what is needed to achieve success, the next thing in line is to get them on the same page of trends and technology as everyone else in the industry. This is done though skills series of workshops/modules that include resume writing, interview training, presentation skills, team building etc.

Opportunities: Not only does the startup helps one in gaining their lost confidence and update their skills, they also get them in touch with the best companies and jobs according to their skills-set. This is achieved through career fairs, offline meetups with HR heads and industry leaders and volunteering opportunities.

[caption id="attachment_104868" align="alignleft" width="281"]Ashni Dwarkadas (Right) with Anisha Parikh, Co-founders, Koffeeplace Ashni Dwarkadas (Right) with Anisha Parikh, Co-founders, Koffeeplace[/caption]

Koffeeplace steamed from the personal experience of Ashni Dwarkadas, who after 5 years of working as an investment banker decided to take a break from her career after having her first child. But, when after 3 years and one more child later, she decided to get back to work, she faced many challenges like identifying the right career path to suit her needs, interests, and background and finding the right opportunities. This is when the idea of Koffeeplace.com stuck her mind and she founded the online community with Anisha Parikh Mehta.

As on date, the current self-funded startup has over 60 companies listed on the portal and 200+ job opportunities available.

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