Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has always strived to ensure that its users are able to express themselves just the way they're and just the way they want. Whether they are the recently released expression buttons or the activity feature which lets our friends know what we're watching, how we're feeling etc., Facebook has time and again come up with new features for people living in different countries, speaking different dialect and practising different cultures and religion. In what could be seen as an another step in this direction, Facebook recently announced about its new feature that will allow Android Facebook users to type in Hindi, even if their individual smartphones do not support the native Devanagari script.

From now on, the Facebook App on Android smartphones will support a natively built lightweight Hindi editor inside it, which will have to be turned on through app settings. Once turned on, a button will get added to the bar where the user will be able to type comments and updates. This new tool by Facebook is capable of automatically transliterating Roman characters to Hindi script. This means, that from now onwards a user can type a Hindi sentence using Roman characters on Facebook.


The tool takes care that the users don’t have to download a separate keyboard mobile application or switch keyboards when they want to type in a different languages. Further, the tool also comes with a feature that remembers the phrases the user uses the most. In case, the tool shows the wrong Devanagari characters, there is also an option to allow users to type the correct phrase.

According to the company, this step was taken after a user feedback undertaken by the company indicated that users wanted to read and write in Hindi on the social media networking site.

Since India makes the second largest Facebook user base in the world, the future could see more native Indian languages may getting support on the app.

Facebook’s transliteration tool is easily available on the latest version of the Android app.

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