The engineers at NewPro3D, based in Vancouver, Canada set out to work on their normal projects but ended up making the fastest 3D printer in the world. This new printer is much faster in comparison to an average 3D printer. A 3D model of the Eifel tower can be built in mere 15 minutes as opposed to the 11 hours it normally takes. This shows exactly how fast this printer and what is all the fuss about.


This printer was created because the engineers at NewPro3D were fed up the amount of time the 3D printers took to make parts for their projects. This was one step that slowed down their projects immensely and reduced their productivity. In an attempt to overcome this shortcoming they decided to find a solution to overcome this major flaw which would be a great relief. They started spending time on this problem instead and also allocated considerable resources to solving this issue. And sometime later the eureka moment happened when the fastest 3D printer in the world was finally ready!

They have pivoted on the basic working of a 3D printer, and eliminated the layering and peeling process, instead, what they use is a method called continuous printing. This is one place where they saved up a considerable amount of time. The technique they use is something called "ILI", Intelligent Liquid Interface. It took them all of three years to come up with this and make this usable, but the time and effort yielded excellent results.

Next on their agenda is to make changes to the printer so that they can produce much larger parts and equipment. They want to build a turbine that can manufacture 25-foot long turbine blades within a short span of time. With the proper time and resources, that day might not be as far as we think of it to be.

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