A Bengaluru-based startup called Contex8 is determined to take the Indian media industry by storm and provide everyone with news in a hassle free way.

Watching news on television is like a distant dream nowadays. First of all, with a fast paced life such as ours, we seldom get time to switch on the idiot box, even if a lucky few of us are able to do us, the over-the-top (OTT) drama and frequent ad breaks have made it a rough task to catch up on the world in a quick 5 minutes. This is where Contex8 steps in and comes to our rescue.

Understanding the modern news needs of the 21st century, Contex8 has come up with a simplified newsfeed platform that enables shorthand keyword based news with multiple user interface across audio, video and socialfeed. They have an aim of providing real time newsfeeds, updates at the touch of one's fingertips.

The startup makes use of shorthand based key-word reporting which mostly stenographers, journalists and reporters use for gathering data into keywords. In order to have a competitive advantage over others in the market, the startup has adopted such news reporting format with image-text and video mode. Various other features being offered by the website include: Newsfeed I Audiofeed I Videofeed I Articlefeed I Socialfeed I ePaperfeed I Live Timeline I Brand Timeline section.

Riddhinil Roy, COO, Contex8 and Saikat Bhunia, CEO, Contex8, started the company in mid-2015 after having a prolonged passion and interest towards digital media. Belonging to the Dayananda Sagar Institutions, Bangalore, both the co-founders had the first brush with their dream during a campus newsfeed project. During the project, they were deeply fascinated by the media-tech start-up industry that had come over in the past few years.

[caption id="attachment_103186" align="aligncenter" width="627"]Riddhinil and Saikat - Co-founders, Contex8 Riddhinil and Saikat - Co-founders, Contex8[/caption]

Saikat co-founded Contex8 in mid-2015 after prolonged interest and passion towards digital media.He took over as CEO,in the early days and has constantly been working in developing Contex8 and expanding its reach.As a biotechnology graduate he cofounded Biocognizance,a life-sciences startup that was acquired in 2015 by K-Biosciences, based in Bremen, Germany.Saikat also has domain expertise in analytics and integrated research on disruptive media space.

Riddhinil since his early college days has been working on a campus newsfeed platform that later shaped him to join Contex8 as co-founder.Riddhinil’s startup profile includes Connective+ (A HayGroup NextBIG 100 Company) which provides city based dashboard.He has spearheaded operations in Contex8 since its early days with his strong areas in marketing & public relations

Currently in the seed funding stage, the startup is trying to offer non-stop news by working 24X7 in shifts. Since its launch, the startup has been able to maintain a consistent growth curve and constantly increasing hits and unique visitors to its website with 16000 hits per day on an average.

Contex8 is not just like any other news portal in the market; it’s a platform exclusively crafted for the love of news.

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