3D printing is finally out of its cocoon, and is growing bigger and bigger by each passing day. All over the world, new and innovative 3D printing products are being constantly deliberated and worked upon. One such company working towards the growth of the technology is Mumbai-based Maher Soft.

Conceived and executed by Mohammed Khorakiwala, who describes himself as a software engineer by degree but an entrepreneur by heart, Maher Soft is part of the Akbarallys and Wockhardt group.

Maher Soft is primarily involved in building Industrial and consumer grade 3D Printers. In order to maintain the quality of the products, the company does close to 500+ hours of testing on its prototype machines before sending it into production. According to the company, this precision and quality is the very reason that Maher Soft has earned high repeatability of their products. A testimonial of this is the small batch production of 1500 units of a motor holder for a drone manufacturer that the company had recently successfully completed.

Starting its journey in April, 2014, the company has always believed in developing products that push the envelope and challenges the status quo. There aim is to constantly keep exceeding their customers expectations by delivering superior customer value and evoking deep emotions with their innovative, out-of-the box products. The company enjoys laying its hands in complex environments, and solving the various problems that currently exist at the intersection of multiple fields.

The startup believes that while building 3D Printers is fairly easy, giving birth to reliable 3D Printers is the actual task. For Maher Soft, the actual 3D printing journey started when one fine day the company bought the leading consumer grade 3D Printers. Unfortunately, the leading printers ended up miserably failing the startup's basic benchmark tests. The frustration caused by this motivated the company into building its own 3D Printers.


Maher Soft has built Indie, an Industrial grade 3D Printer, after more than 5000 hours of testing. This high precision dual nozzle 3D Printer is currently considered as the most reliable 3D Printer in the whole wide country. Another great product by the startup is a consumer grade 3D Printer by the name Max. According to the startup, the Price to value proposition of the Max printer ends up making them the leading consumer grade 3D Printer in India. The startup is currently working on launching Indie Desktop 3D Printer, a 3D Printer which has been wholly designed in India. In order to deliver a superior value proposition to its customers, Maher Soft is making use of a unique combination of industrial grade parts, conventional manufacturing techniques, and 3D Printed parts.

The Indie Desktop 3D Printer combines the consumer grade 3D Printers price and the cost-benefit of a Industrial 3D Printer's quality. Till now, the company was selling its industrial grade 3D Printer for Rs. 500,000. And now, the company will now be launching a similar features new 3D Printer at just Rs. 75,000.

The unfunded startup faces stiff competition from some of the other players in their domain like J Group Robotics, Divide by Zero, and Fractal Works etc. But, the startup is quite confident that till the time it can concentrate on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, it will keep outranking its competitors on the chart.

The company's founder Mohammed Khorakiwala has over a decade long experience in a number of sectors like embedded systems, Automation, Business Intelligence, 3D printing, and Retail and Operations Management. His plan for Maher Soft is to keep dishing out products that are a good combination of design, aesthetics, usability, repeatability and value.

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