Don't you just hate it when you have to travel for hours in bad traffic for a meeting or have business conversations in a coffee shop? All of this just because you cannot find a suitable place to have meetings and conferences and are stuck with these hangout places. The founders of Sneed felt the same and came up with a sustainable solution for this problem!


Sneed or as the founders like to call it is 'Space for your NEED'. It is an online marketplace, launched in 2015, to help you with your office space needs. Be it shared workspaces like open desks, private cabins, meeting rooms or training rooms they have it all. Apart from this, they can also provide business centers, coworking spaces, hotels etc.

Sneed acts like Airbnb and allows the public to list their own unused space with them, and  monetize it. They list all the available spaces on their websites so that the users can select based on their needs and whatever they like. They aim to help various organizations by taking the burden of finding an office space off of them.


Based out of Bengaluru, Sneed was started by three CAs fed up of the lack of office space and no viable solution to the problem, they decided to come up with one of their own.

Adarsh Jalan- In his previous role he was an Associate Director at Axis Risk Consulting, India. He is responsible for space listing and customer acquisition.

Amit Prabhu- In his previous role he was the CFO of Puma India. He was responsible for finance and compliance function at SNEED

Ankit Sonthalia- In his previous role he was the Senior Manager at Tesco HSC, India. He is currently responsible for technology and marketing at SNEED.



Finding an office space is a tedious job. It is time taking and if you want a fixed office and plan to buy it requires a whole lot of money which is a big issue, especially for startups. With all the work stress, this is one thing they want their users to worry less about. They have built a platform that provides a very satisfying customer experience to their users.

Their main target market is composed of startups, entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for a convenient work environment. Besides these, their other audience is made of globetrotting corporates and freelancers who want space to ideate, meet, discuss and review. The third market for them would be in the area of shared space. This is ideal for students to come together, for the purpose of studying or setting up a practice space or a studio.


They are a unique platform which allow the users to reserve spaces  based on their availability. The interface is very simple and it makes for a simple and easy usage. The spaces can be booked by simple clicks, just like our movie tickets or hotels. There is absolutely no hassle. Besides this, they also allow their space providers to manage their booking and tweak their  offering and manage offline bookings and internal bookings, all on a single platform.


They are currently in the bootstrapped stage.


They want to take this venture one step at a time and not be hasty at all. They first want to stand their ground in Bangalore before expanding to the entire country. Currently, they are aiming at customer satisfaction one customer at a time. Simultaneously they are also involved in expanding their inventory of shared spaces to provide the widest choice to their users.

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