The process of filing for a patent and getting it done is a very elaborate and a tedious process. There are so many forms to fill and so many details to take care of that you might end up getting lost in the paperwork. You need to be very meticulous when it come to filing patents right down to the size of the paper being used and the line spacing in your documents. India has 246,495 pending applications for patents (up from 226,339 in July'15) and more than half a million pending applications for trademarks.

All in all, it seems to be a pretty cumbersome process. Those of you who are planning to file a patent sometime soon, this might come as good news. The central government is planning to make amends to the process in order to simplify it and boost innovation in the country as the pending patents are already hampering it. This is being done to promote the Startup India Standup India plan being launched by the Modi government.

These amends will not only make the process easier but also put them on the fast track. So no more waiting around the offices. Also, some of the professors at the IITs will now have the additional responsibility of being patent agents. Over 1000 professors will now be working with the department to smoothen out the process and pave the way for the applicants. In this way you might not have to go far to find an agent who can file your patent, it could be a professor at your own college.

There is more in Santa's bag, the government is planning to bring reforms in the area of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). They are currently working on the new policy which will be put forth in the cabinet. The government has also enlisted a body of experts to help them out in forming this new policy, which will be a big help to our startups and help them compete on a global level. This really goes to say that the government is making sincere efforts to foster innovation.

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