Free Wi-Fi is the dream of every youngster nowadays. The first thing that they do whenever they go out or check into a new restaurant or hotel, is to check about the Wi-Fi services provided by them. Banking on their this enthusiasm about Wi-Fi, an Indian startup has come up with a unique way to combine technology and the social responsibility of every citizen, a cleaner India, together.

WiFi Trash Bin. Yes, you read it absolutely right. I have indeed written the words, WiFi and Trash bin together. A brilliantly innovative and amazing technology, WiFi Trash Bin can be seen a perfect way to appreciate those who try to keep their surroundings clean. It does so by giving a free WiFi to people who use it. Interesting, isn't it?


Indian School of Business graduate Raj Desai along with Pratik Agarwal, an NMIMS-Mumbai alumnus, founded ThinkScream in the year 2011, with a single aim of providing new age technology solutions to the world. Being B.Com graduates, they had to first learn about different concepts of development and programming and other technological concepts on their own.

[caption id="attachment_102661" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Pratik Agarwal (L) and Raj Desai (R) Pratik Agarwal (L) and Raj Desai (R)[/caption]

They started their entrepreneurial journey by setting up WiFi networks for retail shops, multiplexes events like music shows, trade shows etc. For all these places, they have also developed products specific to that place.

For examples, the WiFi networks in multiplexes allows a person logged into the network to order food from providers inside the multiplex without having to leave the seat during the movie. Further, the person also doesn't need to download any special app for the same. All the person needs to do is to log into the network and use the custom-designed website to order food.

[caption id="attachment_102659" align="aligncenter" width="586"]A working WiFi Trash-Bin deployed in an event in Mumbai A working WiFi Trash Bin deployed in an event[/caption]

The idea for such an innovative dustbin came to their minds while working on NH7 Weekender, the biggest music festival for independent music in the country. In the attempt of doing something out of the box, the founders started exploring the kind of problems faced at these festivals. This is when they realised that amidst various problems like music, food, drinks, and all the fun, the major problem being faced at such fests, shows etc. is cleanliness. Once the event was over, the entire place was left looking like a big garbage dump.

This is when they decided to do something of the situation and instead of providing regular dustbins, provide WiFi dustbins. The whole idea behind the dustbin was to incentivize garbage disposal for people.

The dustbin works in a very simple way, whenever someone throws trash in the WiFi dustbin, an access code is generated on the LED display in front of the bin. One can then use that access code to connect to the WiFi network of the dustbin.

They have built the project in partnership with two organizations — MTS (sponsors) and Brandmovers (activation agency). One WiFi dustbin development costs anywhere between Rs. 50,000 and 1 Lakh.

The dustbin's WiFi network can be designed as desired. Its range can vary from a few metres to an entire office or college campus. Further, it either uses the connection set up by ThinkScream or a connection from a nearby location, which is done with the help of their servers.

As of now, the waste bins have been installed in about eight to ten places, which include events like business conferences etc. Their current targets are shopping complexes, corporate offices and residential societies, etc. Further, if all goes well, they also plan to expand and set up WiFi dustbins on the streets in the future.

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